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Some Related Sentences

However and Indo-European
However Juhanen ( 1992 ) is skeptical about an affiliation of Japanese to Altaic languages, while Róna-Tas ( 1998: 77 ) remarked that a relationship between Altaic and Japanese, if it ever existed, must be more remote than the relationship of any two of the Indo-European languages.
However, when and where the ancestors of the Goths assigned this name to themselves and whether they used it in Indo-European or proto-Germanic times remain unsolved questions of historical linguistics and prehistoric archaeology.
However, since it also shares similarities with other Western Indo-European branches ( particularly Germanic ), some linguists prefer to consider it an independent Indo-European language.
However, the ancient Ligurian language, which probably was Indo-European, is not directly connected to the Italian dialect spoken by the modern inhabitants of Liguria, nor to the modern Monegasque language.
However, from a comparative Indo-European point of view, Sanskrit ( especially Vedic Sanskrit ) is closer to reconstructed Proto-Indo-European than are the Prakrits, so that Sanskrit belongs to a linguistically earlier stage of history.
However, this is an even more tentative hypothesis than Nostratic, which attempts to relate Indo-European, Uralic, Kartvelian, Altaic, etc., and which is widely considered to be undemonstrated.
However, an Indo-European origin, at least for the name Ἔρεβος itself, is likelier
However, several Kassite leaders bore Indo-European names, and they might have had an Indo-European elite similliar to the Mitanni.
However, the Germanic languages appear to have had a northward rather than southward progression from the initial contact with the speakers of Indo-European languages near Denmark or Jutland H. Davidson notes a similar northward progression of mythology where elements of Proto-Germanic concepts have morphed or been combined by the time of the recording of the Icelandic sagas.
However, Michael Witzel, a researcher in early Indo-European history, believes that Airyanem Vaejah was located in what is now Afghanistan, the northern areas of which were a part of ancient Khwarezm and Greater Khorasan.
However, linguist M. L. West has called Gimbutas's goddess-based " Old European " religion being overtaken by a patriarchal Indo-European one " essentially sound ".
However, Dumézil's scholarly writings contain neither claims of superiority of the Indo-European people or culture, nor any political statement connected to fascism.
However, the Indo-European Lydian language is first attested some time after the Tyrrhenian migrants are said to have left for Italy.
However, sentences lacking a finite verb were quite common in the old Indo-European languages.
However, this study does not in any way conflict with the hypothesis of expansions from the Pontic Steppe, since the study does not take into account the early wave of the Indo-European speaking people.
However, in general this hypothesis is considered to attribute too much weight to the Anatolian evidence and it has been demonstrated already in 1938 that the Anatolian group should be placed on the same level as other Indo-European subgroups and not as equal with Indo-European.
( However, other Indo-European languages attested much earlier than the Germanic languages, such as Hittite, also have a reduced inventory of noun cases.
However, it is known that a number of non Indo-European languages were spoken in the proto-historical part of prehistoric Europe.
However, Goropius's work precedes that of William Jones, the “ discoverer ” of the Indo-European language family, and though replete with eccentric and ridiculous etymologies, nevertheless can be considered a foundation for the field of historical linguistics.
However, the Indo-Uralic hypothesis in the strict sense is distinct from this: it maintains that Indo-European and Uralic have an especially close genetic relationship, and does not necessarily include assertions that Indo-European and Uralic are related to any other language families.

However and component
However, another component of alpha radiation is the recoil of the parent nucleus, termed alpha recoil.
) However, pipelining at that level was already used in some high performance CISC " supercomputers " in order to reduce the instruction cycle time ( despite the complications of implementing within the limited component count and wiring complexity feasible at the time ).
However, recent work has shown that for languages which make this distinction, all clicks have a uvular, or even pharyngeal, rear closure, and that the clicks explicitly described as uvular are in fact clusters / contours of a click plus a pulmonic or ejective component, in which the cluster / contour has two release bursts, the forward ( click ) and then the rearward ( uvular ) component.
However, their velocities are too large for them to remain gravitationally bound by their mutual attractions, implying the presence of either an additional invisible mass component, or an additional attractive force besides gravity.
However, when a magnetic field with a perpendicular component is applied, their paths between collisions are curved so that moving charges accumulate on one face of the material.
However, the flashover voltage of a string is less than the sum of its component discs, because the electric field is not distributed evenly across the string but is strongest at the disc nearest to the conductor, which will flash over first.
However, machinima artists, such as Edgeworks Entertainment, protested the prohibitions on extending Microsoft's fictional universes ( a common component of fan fiction ) and on selling anything from sites hosting derivative works.
However, amplification of stethoscope contact artifacts, and component cutoffs ( frequency response thresholds of electronic stethoscope microphones, pre-amps, amps, and speakers ) limit electronically amplified stethoscopes ' overall utility by amplifying mid-range sounds, while simultaneously attenuating high-and low-frequency range sounds.
However, various scientific studies differ on the size of each component.
However, in white LED light, the color is equal to the best cornflower blue sapphire, or D block tanzanite ; this is due to the blue garnet's ability to absorb the yellow component of the emitted light.
However a more theoretical thermodynamic definition of an ideal solution is one in which the chemical potential of each component is given by the above formula.
However, the gyroradius ρ = mv / qB in those circumstances is also larger, so that the radial component of the magnetic field seen by the particle is also larger.
However since the diode is a one-port ( two terminal ) device, a nonreciprocal component is needed to separate the outgoing amplified signal from the incoming input signal.
However, almost any nonlinear electronic component will also multiply signals applied to it, producing heterodyne frequencies in its output, so these are most often used as mixers.
However, in many applications it is common for there to be a reactive component to the system, that is, the system possesses capacitance, inductance, or both.
However, when it's more important to minimize cost and increase component availability, such as with manufacturing equipment, a more bottom-up approach would be taken, and as many off-the-shelf components ( bolts, gears, bearings, etc ) would be selected as possible.
However, a guiding principle of translation is that the translator must translate the message of the text, and not its component sentences.
However, candied ginger is sometimes a component of Chinese candy boxes, and a herbal tea can also be prepared from ginger.
However, evidence of the actual use of the Q-over-o notation in medieval manuscripts is lacking ; if anything, medieval forms of the upper component seem to be evolving towards the q-shape rather than away from it.
However, a Venn diagram for n component sets must contain all 2 < sup > n </ sup > hypothetically possible zones that correspond to some combination of inclusion or exclusion in each of the component sets.
However, there are notable exceptions, as some countries considered developed have a significant component of primary industries in their national economies, e. g., Norway, Canada, Australia.
" However it is sung as a three-syllable word with the " chore " component pronounced like " core " ( to rhyme with " for ") rather than " curry ".

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