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stadium and also
In 2011, they also moved their spring training base from Tucson to a new stadium near the Phoenix suburb of Scottsdale.
A year later, in the season 2010 – 11, AFAS Erp Software took over as official shirt sponsor, also taking over duties as stadium sponsor.
The Orioles are also well known for their successful stadium, the trend-setting Oriole Park at Camden Yards, which opened in 1992 in downtown Baltimore.
There were also plans for Henry Norris to build a larger stadium on the other side of Stevenage Road but there was little need after the merger idea failed.
It was also the home stadium of the London Monarchs American Football team for the 1997 season.
All clubs entering the competition must also have a suitable stadium.
After the season, lingering stadium issues forced the Marlins to ponder big moves with their roster and also ponder possible relocation to Las Vegas, San Antonio, or Portland.
The club's home is the 31, 000-seat football stadium Kardinia Park ( currently also known by its sponsorship name as " Simonds Stadium ").
The team headquarters is also located in the stadium.
To date, a complete map of the area has been made, including not only the Ash Altar and temenos, but also two fountains, including the Hagno fountain mentioned by Pausanias, the hippodrome, the stadium, a building that was probably a bathhouse, the xenon ( hotel ), a stoa, several rows of seats, and a group of statue bases.
It is also the home of the colonial Governor's Palace and the Estádio da Cidadela ( the " Citadel Stadium "), Angola's main stadium, with a total seating capacity of 60, 000.
Cardiff Arms Park (), also known as The Arms Park, situated in the centre of Cardiff, Wales, is primarily known as a rugby union stadium, but it also has a bowling green.
The open-air stadium is also one of the world's most famous cricket venues, with the well-attended Boxing Day Test match commencing on Boxing Day ( 26 December ) each year.
As part of the deal, the Twins also signed a 30-year lease of the new stadium, effectively guaranteeing the continuation of the team in Minnesota for a long time to come.
It is also said that the blood of Agnes poured to the stadium floor where other Christians soaked up the blood with cloths.
The Giants ' original home stadium, the Polo Grounds, also dates from this early era.
Other times, the winds would also whirl around in the parking lot, but inside the stadium it would be calm.
The new stadium also acquired a reputation as a pitchers ' park, with complaints from some of the Padres batters ( the deep center field combined with weather trending towards heavy, foggy air in the evenings made it harder to hit home runs ).
Originally built as a multi-purpose stadium, Shea was also the home of the New York Jets football team from 1964 to 1983.
This was also the first Super Bowl played in a stadium that was not the current home to an NFL or AFL team, as no team had called Rice Stadium home since the Houston Oilers moved into the Astrodome.
The Metrodome also hosted the 1992 NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four, making it the only stadium to host both events in the same calendar year.
Super Bowl XXX was the last to be hosted in a stadium containing bleacher seats, and would also be the last Super Bowl to be held on a college campus, as the stadium sits on the campus of Arizona State University.

stadium and features
This allows them to seat more fans in a given amount of space than the typical professional stadium, which tends to have more features and comforts for fans.
The stadium features a retractable roof allowing the Colts to play home games outdoors for the first time since arriving in Indianapolis.
In addition to being larger than the RCA Dome, the new stadium features: 58 permanent concession stands, 90 portable concession stands, 13 escalators, 11 passenger elevators, 800 restrooms, high definition video displays from Daktronics and replay monitors and 142 luxury suites.
Brookside Park, situated next to the Rose Bowl, features a baseball diamond and stadium named Jackie Robinson Field.
Many of the iconic features of the original stadium, such as the frieze and Monument Park, were incorporated into the design of the new venue.
The stadium also features a Michelin-starred restaurant ( Avant Garde ) situated high above the pitch and available for meals wrapped around matches.
The three-day celebration also features fireworks shows and, during early mornings, hot air balloons departing from the football stadium at Patterson High School.
The predominant features of the stadium are long gone but the stadium is located near the Lee Building in Gladewater.
In addition to three levels of regular seating, the stadium also features a lawn seating area known as " Applebee's Home Run Hill.
It features computer-generated imagery showing a city being transformed into a football stadium and passers-by on the street turning into players, coaches, fans, and officials set to an updated orchestral treatment of the " Heavy Action " theme song.
The stadium features a meeting between one of the best teams in Washington and one of the best from another state in the " Best of the West " game.
The stadium concourse features pictures of historic moments in Trapper history, including Ron Kittle's 50-home-run season.
In addition, the stadium features several tributes recognizing the soccer tradition in Los Angeles.
Today, the stadium features dolphins but is now known as Fort Independence.
The stadium itself features replicas of the landmarks of the 13 cities and municipalities of Negros Occidental.
The largest entrance to the park is inside what was once Houston's Union Station, and the left-field side of the stadium features a railway as homage to the site's history.
The stadium, which seats 5, 400 people, features a Sprinturf field as well as an eight-lane synthetic surface track, was constructed in 1998, on the site formerly known as Zweidinger Field.
The Gwinnett Braves ' stadium has a restaurant named Knucksie's after him ; it features the Knucksie Sandwich made of barbecue and cole slaw atop a corn muffin, said to be his favorite.
The stadium also includes many baseball-themed features, including a " Monument Park " in the deep center field stands, complete with statues of former Tigers Ty Cobb, Hal Newhouser, Charlie Gehringer, Hank Greenberg, Al Kaline, and Willie Horton.
The right field of the stadium features the Pepsi Porch, a picnic deck between the 100 and 200 level seating bowls.
Many of these stadiums, like Camden Yards, incorporate " retro " features in the stadium exteriors as well as interiors ; these parks have been dubbed " retro-classic " parks.
The plaza features large banners, each containing a picture of Unitas in his playing days, flanking the stadium entrance.

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