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# and Calculate
# Calculate the impact that each threat would have on each asset.
# Calculate and wait random backoff period based on number of collisions.
# Calculate the acceptance ratio.
# Calculate.
# Calculate.
# Calculate ( k times ) in the ring.
# Calculate the surface normal of the heightmap, typically using the finite difference method.
# Calculate the interaction of the new " bumpy " surface with lights in the scene using, for example, the Phong reflection model.
# Calculate the output current, I < sub > AB </ sub >, when the output terminals are short circuited ( load resistance is 0 ).
# Calculate a LOD score for each estimate
# Calculate the eigenvectors and eigenvalues of the covariance matrix S. Each eigenvector has the same dimensionality ( number of components ) as the original images, and thus can itself be seen as an image.
# Calculate net present value of project options.
# Calculate the total number of seconds: 43 ′ 41 ″
# Calculate defect data with periodic reviews using test logs from the execution phase: this data should be used to segregate and classify defects by root causes.
# Calculate:
# Calculate:
# Calculate:.
# Calculate:
# Calculate:.
# Using the Method of Fibres in Mecho to Calculate Radii of Gyration Alan Bundy, University of Edinburgh
# Calculate the special ( i. e., particular ) CRI using the formula It appeared that could be negative ( ≥ 22 ), and this was indeed calculated for some lamp test colors, especially TCS9 ( strong red ).</ ref >
# Calculate The Risk ( September 2003 )
# Calculate an inverse distance weighted average with the k-nearest multivariate neighbors.
# Calculate the test statistic W., the absolute value of the sum of the signed ranks.

# and output
# representation and algorithm, giving a representation of the input and output and the algorithm which transforms one into the other ; and
BLACK # 40 28 | 028h 1st pixel always to output
# REDIRECT Input / output
# Dependent ( serf or villein ) holdings carrying the obligation that the peasant household supply the lord with specified labour services or a part of its output ( or cash in lieu thereof ), subject to the custom attached to the holding ; and
# Semi-supervised learning: In this setting, the desired output values are provided only for a subset of the training data.
# Structured prediction: When the desired output value is a complex object, such as a parse tree or a labeled graph, then standard methods must be extended.
# Learning to rank: When the input is a set of objects and the desired output is a ranking of those objects, then again the standard methods must be extended.
# The activation function that converts a neuron's weighted input to its output activation.
# The output is in nondecreasing order ( each element is no smaller than the previous element according to the desired total order );
# The output is a permutation ( reordering ) of the input.
# Metaphone algorithms do not produce phonetic representations of the input words and names ; rather, the output is an intentionally approximate phonetic representation, according to this standard:
# The Dorsal nucleus of vagus nerve-which sends parasympathetic output to the viscera, especially the intestines
# The Nucleus ambiguus-which sends parasympathetic output to the heart ( slowing it down ) and
# A comparator is designed to produce well limited output voltages that easily interface with digital logic.
# The measured total noise per bandwidth unit at the input or output of a device when the signal is not present.
# An algorithm that converts an input string into a seemingly random output string of the same length ( e. g., by pseudo-randomly selecting bits to invert ), thus avoiding long sequences of bits of the same value ; in this context, a randomizer is also referred to as a scrambler.
# An analog or digital source of unpredictable ( i. e., high entropy ), unbiased, and usually independent ( i. e., random ) output bits.
# using a stable optical source, at the wavelength of interest, to drive a mode scrambler, the output of which overfills ( drives ) a 1 to 2 meter long reference fiber having physical and optical characteristics matching those of the fiber under test,
# measuring the power level at the output of the reference fiber,
# subtracting the power level obtained at the output of the fiber under test from the power level obtained at the output of the reference fiber, to get the transmission loss of the fiber under test.
# A modem whose modulated output signal can have an essential frequency spectrum that is broader than that which can be wholly contained within, and faithfully transmitted through, a voice channel with a nominal 4 kHz bandwidth.
# This excitation is output and simultaneously fed back into a delay line L samples long.
# The output of the delay line is fed through a filter.
# The filtered output is simultaneously mixed back into the output and fed back into the delay line.

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