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leading and figure
The complexities of Venetian politics eluded him, but the story of the revolution itself is told in restrained measures, with no superfluous passages and only an occasional overemphasis of the part played by its leading figure.
Andy Warhol ( August 6, 1928 – February 22, 1987 ) was an American artist who was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art.
His denunciation of the royal dynasty of Israel, and his emphatic insistence on the worship of Yahweh and Yahweh alone, illustrated by the contest between Yahweh and Baal on Mount Carmel, as told in 1 Kings 18, form the keynote to a period which culminated in the accession of Jehu, an event in which Elijah's chosen disciple Elisha was the leading figure.
At the invitation of Charlemagne, he became a leading scholar and teacher at the Carolingian court, where he remained a figure in the 780s and 790s.
She expressed reservations over the eventual winner David Cameron, feeling that he did not, like the other candidates, have a proven track record, and she was later a leading figure in parliamentary opposition to his A-List policy, which she has said is " an insult to women ".
Not long after, Bosschaert had married and established himself as a leading figure in the fashionable floral painting genre.
Aquino, a former Senator and a leading figure of the political opposition, was assassinated in 1983 at the Manila International Airport ( now the Ninoy Aquino International Airport ) upon returning home from exile.
He became a leading figure among the New Democrats.
His political philosophy was largely shaped by his father Keshav Sitaram Thackeray, a leading figure in the Samyukta Maharashtra movement ( United Maharashtra movement ), which advocated the creation of a separate linguistic state of Maharashtra.
Although he was a major figure in the protectionist wing of the Conservative Party after 1844, Disraeli's relations with the other leading figures in the party, particularly Lord Derby, the overall leader, were often strained.
Lord John Manners, friend of Disraeli, and leading figure in the Young England movement
Columba is credited as being a leading figure in the revitalization of monasticism, and " His achievements illustrated the importance of the Celtic church in bringing a revival of Christianity to Western Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire.
Kaplan had been a leading figure at JTS for 54 years, and had pressed for liturgical reform and innovations in ritual practice from inside of the framework of Conservative Judaism.
Mordecai Waxman, a leading figure in the Rabbinical Assembly, writes that " Reform has asserted the right of interpretation but it rejected the authority of legal tradition.
Preobrazhensky ( pictured ) was a leading figure of the Central Committee in the 1920s, but was killed during the Purge
When Stalin died on 5 March 1953, Georgy Malenkov, a Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers succeeded him as Chairman and as the de facto leading figure of the Presidium ( the renamed Politburo ).
Khrushchev was able to consolidate his powers within the party machine after Malenkov's resignation, but Malenkov remained the de facto leading figure of the Party.
The College also offers 26 club and intramural sports such as rugby, water polo, figure skating, boxing, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and cricket, leading to a 75 % participation rate in athletics among the undergraduate student body.
The leading figure of the double bass in the early 20th century was Serge Koussevitzky, best known as conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, who popularized the double bass in modern times as a solo instrument.
During his period in Canada Sapir came into his own as the leading figure in linguistics in America.
Gabriel García Moreno was a leading figure of Ecuadorian conservatism.
He was given the title El Cid ( The Master ) and served as a leading figure in a vibrant Moorish force consisting of Muladis, Berbers, Arabs and Malians.
Moderate Catholics felt that he had been a leading figure in attempts to reform the Church, while Protestants recognized his initial support for Luther's ideas and the groundwork he laid for the future Reformation.
Cecil B. DeMille was a leading figure in the increased use of the Insert, and by 1918 he had reached the point of including about 9 Inserts in every 100 shots in The Whispering Chorus.
The leading figure in the full development of reverse-angle cutting was Ralph Ince.

leading and behind
A fringe of housing and gardens bearded the top of the heights, and behind it were sandy roads leading past farms and hayfields.
At about 2: 30 p. m., while leading one of those charges against a Union camp near the " Peach Orchard ", he was wounded, taking a bullet behind his right knee.
Although the service sector has recently overtaken agriculture as the leading employer of Dominicans ( due principally to growth in tourism and Free Trade Zones ), agriculture remains the most important sector in terms of domestic consumption and is in second place ( behind mining ) in terms of export earnings.
At first a number of leading Esperantists put their support behind the Ido project, but the movement stagnated and declined, first with the accidental death of one of its main proponents and later as people proposed further changes, and the number of current speakers is estimated at between 250 and 5000.
For 30 years, Germany struggled against Britain to be Europe's leading industrial power, though both fell behind the United States.
The strategy behind the campaign is that domestic clutter leads to arguments, leading to an unhappy home, which IKEA wants to prove can be avoided with better storage.
One exception is Barjami road, named after one of the leading engineers behind Kistas modernisation, Sam Barjami.
Third, sedimentation rates in the Himalaya are extremely high, leading to rapid loss of storage capacity as sediments accumulate behind dams.
He next dropped behind German lines in occupied Norway, where he met with Free Norwegian guerrillas and gathered information leading to the destruction of a German plant being used to develop atomic weapons.
Musharraf was a leading strategist behind the Kargil Conflict.
By early July of 2012, however, it was announced that the canal expansion project had fallen six months behind schedule, leading the expansion to open in April 2015 rather than October 2014, as originally planned.
In particular, the country is a leader in the field of high-speed rail, having developped the secong longest network in the world ( only behind China ) and leading high-speed projects with Spanish technology around the world.
Turkey is one of the world's leading shipbuilding nations ; in 2007 Turkish shipyards ranked 4th in the world ( behind China, South Korea and Japan ) in terms of the number of ordered ships, and also 4th in the world ( behind Italy, USA and Canada ) in terms of the number of ordered mega yachts.
When Fran leaves the pair to dance together Mary angrily rebukes him for leading her on and going behind Fran ’ s back.
This allowed the fuselage to be narrowed on either side of the root instead of just behind it, leading to a smoother fuselage that remained wider on average than one using a classic swept wing.
Due to starting after his team-mate Achille Varzi, he was leading the race despite still being behind Varzi on the road.
Regardless of the reasoning behind its introduction, Elizabeth transformed “ her court into the country ’ s leading musical center .” She would spare no expense in its regard, importing leading musical talents from Germany, France, and Italy.
Kundalini refers to the mothering intelligence behind yogic awakening and spiritual maturation leading to altered states of consciousness.
For many years, leading politicians of the right-wing New Democracy party, as well as the conservative press, falsely claimed that Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou was the mastermind behind 17N.
Turgeon, the team's star center and leading scorer, suffered a shoulder separation when Dale Hunter checked him from behind as he celebrated a series-clinching goal.
There are some similarities between the narratives, including David leading an army in revenge ( for Nabal's unwillingness to give provisions to David ), with 400 of the army going ahead and 200 staying behind, as well as David gaining Abigail as a wife ( though in the Ziklag narrative he re-gains her ), as well as several provisions, and there being a jovial feast in the enemy camp ( i. e. Nabal's property ).
Akaba's dogs, leading his way, fell into the hole instead of their master ; Akaba knew that Da was behind the murder attempt.

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