I and am
`` Of course I am '', he said.
I feel compelled to write this because I am greatly concerned with the problem of community growth rate and the relation between types of growth in a town such as East Greenwich.
I am a sophomore at Mount Pleasant High School.
Of course, having this desire, I am very interested in education.
I am proud of my country, the small city I live in, my wonderful parents, my friends and my school ; ;
but I am also a young, able and willing girl who wants to study the Chinese language but is not old enough.
I am the wife of the owner of a small, independent meat market.
-- I, too, congratulate the American Legion, of which I am proud to have been a member for more than 40 years, on the recent state convention.
I am for it.
I suppose I am missing some elementary point but I honestly cannot see how two wrongs can make a right!!
I am referring to this country conducting atmosphere tests of nuclear bombs just because Russia is.
But I am here concerned more with policy than with men.
I am firmly convinced that considering the average quality of teachers in this country, the profession is grossly overpaid.
Today, seven years after the date of my initial induction as a draftee, I am Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Science at St. Michael's College.
Taken back into the Army now as an Sp 4, I am leaving 110 college students whose teacher I am.
I am sure that they did when Eisenhower was President.
I am interested to know he is getting mail from all over the country about the `` abuse '' he is being subjected to.
Until the work actually appears I am not privileged to analyze it publicly in detail.
Then he was asking himself the usual early morning questions: What the Hell am I doin here??
`` I'm dressed as I always am '', Rousseau said.
Since I am the composer ''!!
I have never asked for an easy task, but I am weary of the strife ''.
He thought: I am a Jew from Bavaria.
Stirring, he said: `` I am sorry that my work prevents me from doing anything with you today ''.
`` I am carving a Pieta from white Carrara marble.
`` I am working for the Cardinal of San Dionigi.
I am to go to Washington to serve with him ''.
He knows me as your niece, which, of course, I am.
But I am a slave!!
I am getting deaf, I must admit it ''.
I am a Jew ''.
`` I am only a simple soldier.
`` I am '', she said.
`` I am tired of sultans and scimitars ''.
I am sure he is in raptures ''.
`` And I am not sure that I have any cash -- any money, that is -- but if you will wait just a minute I will write you out a check if I can find my checkbook.
`` I am terribly sorry to keep you waiting '', she said, `` but won't you make yourself a little drink while you wait??

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