class and warfare
The second batch of the class gave the guns high-angle turrets for anti-aircraft warfare, and the oxygen-fueled ' Long Lance ' Type 93 torpedo.
In Mein Kampf, Hitler spoke enthusiastically about the " National Socialist corporative idea " as one which would eventually " take the place of ruinous class warfare ".
Lenin begins from the premise that guerrilla warfare must be linked to struggle of the masses of the working class, or else it is against the interests of revolution: ' the acts of individuals isolated from the masses, which demoralise the workers, repel wide strata of the population, disorganise the movement and injure the revolution '".
The Ottomans attempted to create peace by dividing Mt Lebanon into a Christian district and a Druze district, but this would merely create geographic powerbases for the warring parties, and it plunged the region back into civil conflict which included not only the sectarian warfare but a Maronite revolt against the Feudal class, which ended in 1858 with the overthrow of the old feudal system of taxes and levies.
While it is uncertain to what extent his work was read amongst the warrior class as opposed to the clergy, Vegetius remained prominent in the literature on warfare in the medieval period.
In the mid-19th century, " total war " was identified by scholars as a separate class of warfare.
Enver Hoxha critiqued Maoism from a Marxist-Leninist perspective, arguing that new democracy halts class struggle, the theory of the three worlds is " counter-revolutionary " and questioned Mao's guerilla warfare methods.
He was so depressed at the tone of class warfare – although Asquith told him that party rancour had been just as bad over the First Home Rule Bill in 1886 – that he introduced the Prince of Wales to War Minister Haldane as " the last King of England ".
The Cherokee considered warfare a polluting activity, and warriors required the purification by the priestly class before participants could reintegrate into normal village life.
A new series of small carriers, the Invincible class anti-submarine warfare ships ( known as " through deck cruisers ") were built and equipped with the Sea Harrier a derivative of the Hawker Siddeley Harrier VTOL aircraft.
Many of the indigenous societies had developed a warrior class and had a long history of warfare.
Perhaps her last work as an individual was the writing and production of the film Bambule in 1970, urging female revolt and class warfare ; by the time it was scheduled to be aired, she had become a wanted terrorist and its broadcast was delayed until 1997.
The dynamic staging was considered to be a radical break with previous UK stagings of the play ( which usually adhered to a single realistically depicted Edwardian drawing room set and a static dialogue-based performance style ) and emphasized the metaphorical elements of the “ inspection ” and the themes of social exclusion and class warfare.
Moreover, immediately after the Clinton administration allowed Aristide to return to office, in a series of private meetings, Administration officials admonished Aristide to put aside the rhetoric of class warfare and seek instead to reconcile Haiti ’ s tiny elite sector and poor majority.
It tells the story of an idle rich boy who joins the US Army's Rainbow Division and is sent to France to fight in World War I, becomes friends with two working class men, experiences the horrors of trench warfare, and finds love with a French girl.
A class of mercenaries known as the Gallowglass dominated warfare in Ireland and Scotland between the 13th and 16th centuries.
The Johnson County War, with its overtones of class warfare and intervention by the President of the United States to save the lives of a gang of hired killers and set them free, is not a flattering reflection on the American myth of the west.
" In his book City of Nets, author Otto Friedrich says that beneath the tranquil small town exterior was a " roiling inferno of fraud, corruption, treachery, hypocrisy, class warfare, and ill-suppressed sex of all varieties: adultery, sadism, homosexuality, incest.
During Napoleonic warfare, the teaching methodology of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi of Switzerland enabled refugee children, of a class believed to be unteachable, to learn.
Class war or class warfare refers to a class conflict, or tensions between members of different social classes.
Those who argue classism is especially pervasive or fundamental to the society that they live in often identify classism as the expression of systematic economic exploitation by the ' higher ' classes, and may connect it with an explicit notion of class warfare.
" Materialism, nationalism, racism and class warfare are the characteristics of the age instead, so Benedict XV:
Moyers said, " The corporate right and the political right declared class warfare on working people a quarter of a century ago and they've won.
Some warship types specialize in anti-air warfare e. g. Ticonderoga-class cruisers equipped with the Aegis combat system or Kirov class cruisers with the S-300PMU Favorite missile system.
Many miners have seen this as class warfare, with the police as the ' special bodies of armed men ' that Friedrich Engels described.
The commissioning of the sixth ship of the class, the Bunker Hill opened a new era in surface warfare as the first Aegis ship outfitted with the Martin Marietta Mark-41 Vertical Launching System ( VLS ), allowing a wider missile selection, more firepower, and survivability.
E. A. Thompson's assessment in Past and Present ( 1952 ) approached the phenomenon of these rural malcontents in terms of Marxist class warfare.
The attempt to extract more and more surplus-value from labor on the one side, and on the other side the resistance to this exploitation, are according to Marx at the core of the conflict between social classes, which is sometimes muted or hidden, but at other times erupts in open class warfare and class struggle.
Urban conflicts in Free Imperial Cities, which sometimes amounted to class warfare, were not uncommon in the Early Modern Age, particularly in the 17th century ( Lübeck, 1598 – 1669 ; Schwäbisch Hall, 1601 – 1604 ; Frankfurt, 1612 – 1614 ; Wezlar, 1612 – 1615 ; Erfurt, 1648 – 1664 ; Cologne, 1680 – 1685 ; Hamburg 1678-1693, 1702 – 1708 ).
Arnold and Rich Koslowski, sets the wolf as a sympathetic victim of class warfare in the rural south.
A warrior is a person skilled in combat or warfare, especially within the context of a tribal or clan-based society that recognizes a separate warrior class.
In tribal societies engaging in endemic warfare, warriors often form a caste or class of their own.
In feudalism, the vassals essentially form a military or warrior class, even if in actual warfare, peasants may be called to fight as well.
With the end of the Middle Ages and the professional standing armies of Early Modern warfare, the concept of a " warrior class " or " military caste " became an anachronism.
There is evidence that these systems will be installed on its new destroyer which is still under construction, the Hobart class air warfare destroyer.
* Joanie Phoanie: An unabashed Communist radical and agitator, who sang revolutionary songs of class warfare ( with burlesque titles like " Molotov Cocktails for Two ") — while hypocritically traveling via Limousine and charging outrageous concert appearance fees to impoverished orphans.
Day attempted to advance a " Christian Communism " and never gave up her belief in class warfare ; she presented Lenin and Marx as secular saints in the April 1948 " Catholic Worker ," where she also declared in a headline: " We are Un-American, We Are Catholic.
Openly calling for class warfare, the Wobblies gained many adherents after they won a difficult 1912 textile strike ( commonly known as the " Bread and Roses " strike ) in Lawrence, Massachusetts.
Two underlying themes in the story are class warfare and the urbanization of the countryside.
This move was severely criticised, including by the local miners themselves ( who threatened to strike in an attempt to prevent it ), as the quality of coal was very poor, and because Shinwell's actions were perceived as a vindictive act of class warfare.
The knowledge in these orders was often related to the tasks a section of the society had to perform. The priest class, the Brahmins, were imparted knowledge of religion, philosophy, and other ancillary branches while the warrior class, the Kshatriya, were trained in the various aspects of warfare.
However, the shogunal army alone was not adequate to meet and defeat kanrei class shugo lords on the field of battle, but were perfectly suited to the kind of warfare Yoshimitsu practiced: pitting one shugo lord against a family member, and against other shugo lords.
* SS class blimp, a class of anti-submarine warfare blimps
" For Marx, a communist society entails the absence of differing social classes and thus the end of class warfare.
In extreme cases, the social fabric can break down and result in open class warfare such as happened during the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and many others.
Holland believed that the militancy at Waihi was a sign of impending class warfare.

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