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information and security
I have some security information about the prime minister ''.
The implementation of AES in products intended to protect national security systems and / or information must be reviewed and certified by NSA prior to their acquisition and use.
* BS 7799 for information security, the source for ISO / IEC 27001, 27002 ( former 17799 ), and 27005
In 1990, it was discovered in the archive of the Stasi ( the state security service of the former German Democratic Republic ) that a member of CND's governing council, Vic Allen, had passed information to them about CND.
It is not contempt of court ( under section 10 of the Act ) for a journalist to refuse to disclose his sources, unless the court has considered the evidence available and determined that the information is " necessary in the interests of justice or national security or for the prevention of disorder or crime.
Computer security is a branch of computer technology known as information security as applied to computers and computer networks.
The objective of computer security includes protection of information and property from theft, corruption, or natural disaster, while allowing the information and property to remain accessible and productive to its intended users.
The term computer system security means the collective processes and mechanisms by which sensitive and valuable information and services are protected from publication, tampering or collapse by unauthorized activities or untrustworthy individuals and unplanned events respectively.
Security Architecture can be defined as the design artifacts that describe how the security controls ( security countermeasures ) are positioned, and how they relate to the overall information technology architecture.
* Physical information security
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Although this adds overhead due to the extra information stored about the pointer, it improves safety and security.
The objectives of information security include avoidance of disruption in this context.
In 1972, after concluding a study on the US government's computer security needs, the US standards body NBS ( National Bureau of Standards ) — now named NIST ( National Institute of Standards and Technology ) — identified a need for a government-wide standard for encrypting unclassified, sensitive information.
Coppersmith explains IBM's secrecy decision by saying, " that was because cryptanalysis can be a very powerful tool, used against many schemes, and there was concern that such information in the public domain could adversely affect national security.
There are now many active academic cryptologists, mathematics departments with strong programs in cryptography, and commercial information security companies and consultants.
Broadly it deals with protecting specific chunks of data, both physically ( i. e., from corruption, or destruction, or removal ; e. g., see Physical security ), or the interpretation of them, or parts of them to meaningful information ( e. g., by looking at the strings of bits that they comprise, concluding specific valid credit-card numbers ; e. g., see Data encryption ).
For security reasons certain types of data ( e. g., credit-card information ) may be kept encrypted in storage to prevent the possibility of unauthorized information reconstruction from chunks of storage snapshots ( taken either via unforeseen vulnerabilities in a DBMS, or more likely, by bypassing it ).
For security reasons certain types of data ( e. g., credit-card information ) may be kept encrypted in storage to prevent the possibility of unauthorized information reconstruction from chunks of storage snapshots ( taken either via unforeseen vulnerabilities in a DBMS, or more likely, by bypassing it ).
Using its authority under Section 5 of the FTC Act, which prohibits unfair or deceptive practices, the FTC has brought a number of cases to enforce the promises in corporate privacy statements, including promises about the security of consumers ’ personal information.

information and .
The fact that Jess's horse had not been returned to its stall could indicate that Diane's information had been wrong, but Curt didn't interpret it this way.
For an anthropologist, loquacious old L'Turu was a mine of information.
Movable panels of floor-to-ceiling maps and charts are crammed with intelligence information.
Great stress is placed on the role that the monitoring of information sending plays in maintaining the effectiveness of the network.
By monitoring, we mean some system of control over the types of information sent from the various centers.
However, for convenience we will stick to the idea that information can be classified according to Table 1.
The information is furnished by each of the guests, is sent by oral broadcasting over the air waves, and is received by the ears.
A point like p gets information directly from n, but all information beyond n is indirectly relayed through n.
Henrietta was discovering in the process of writing, as the born writer does, not merely a channel for the discharge of accumulated information but a stimulus to the development of the creative powers of observation, insight and intuition.
The Bank of Wisconsin sent a representative to the judge's chambers in Madison to give information on Wright's ability to meet the terms.
He said that his information was so secret that he would not be able to confide in me the origin of his pipeline tip.
if so, he would not be the first or last commanding officer who has succumbed to bad information and dubious estimates of the future.
In the latter research program, information is available for 2,758 Cornell students surveyed in 1950 and for 1,571 students surveyed in 1952.
The great increase in the amount of archaeological activity, and therefore information, in the years immediately preceeding and following the Second World War has brought to light data which has changed the complection of the Saxon Shore dispute.
Lewis's remarks about his marriage were suggestive enough to induce American reporters to invade the offices of Harcourt, Brace & Company for information, to pursue Mrs. Lewis to Cromwell Hall, and, after she had returned to New York, to ferret her out at the Stanhope on upper Fifth Avenue where she had taken an apartment.
It differed from what an undergraduate receives today from any American college or university mainly in the certainty of what he was forced to learn compared with the loose and widely scattered information obtained today by most of our undergraduates.
And to do this requires first of all the kind of information about people which is provided by the scientists in industrial anthropology and consumer research, who, for example, tell Courtenay that three days is the `` optimum priming period for a closed social circuit to be triggered with a catalytic cue-phrase '' -- which means that an effective propaganda technique is to send an idea into circulation and then three days later reinforce or undermine it.
The final decision went to the executive but a way has been opened for strengthening budgeting procedures and to provide legislators information they need.
A recent editorial discussing a labor-management agreement reached between the Southern Pacific Co. and the Order of Railroad Telegraphers has been criticized on the grounds that it was not based on complete information.
Additional information supplied to us discloses that the railroad gained a stabilized supply of telegraphers of which it was in need.
I regret that Bertha Madeira ( Today's `` Voice '' ) obtained incorrect information.
Any information we have here in Taiwan is at your disposal ''.
The objective should be to provide a method of getting into print a higher percentage than is now possible of the relevant information in the possession of reporters and editors.
He looked very carefully at every piece of furnishing, as though hoping to store this information carefully in his mind.