Ask AI3: What is HWP?
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This was combined with Hewlett-Packard's ticker symbol ( HWP ) to create the current ticker symbol ( HPQ ).
( The former symbols were HWP and CPQ.
The addition of a HWP ( heavy weapons platoon ) can greatly increase the chances of victory in a combat zone, due to the unique specialist abilities the soldiers in that group can offer to the company.
The Hardy – Weinberg principle ( also known by a variety of names: HWP, Hardy – Weinberg equilibrium model, HWE, Hardy – Weinberg Theorem, or Hardy – Weinberg law ) states that both allele and genotype frequencies in a population remain constant — that is, they are in equilibrium — from generation to generation unless specific disturbing influences are introduced.
A better, but equivalent, probabilistic description for the HWP is that the alleles for the next generation for any given individual are chosen randomly and independent of each other.
In 1967, Holyoke Water Power Company ( HWP ) joined the NU System, followed by the Public Service Company of New Hampshire ( PSNH ) in 1992.
These two parties merged in June 1948 to become the Hungarian Workers Party ( HWP ), and in 1949, the Communists took over parliament in new elections with no opposition.
HWP can refer to:
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