Ask AI3: What is Munisai?
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" The historian Kamiko Tadashi, commenting on Musashi's text, notes: "[...] Munisai was Musashi's father ... he lived in Miyamoto village, in the Yoshino district Mimasaka Province.
" ( 新免武蔵守藤原玄信 ) His father, Shinmen Munisai 新免無二斎, was an accomplished martial artist and master of the sword and jutte ( also jitte ).
Munisai, in turn, was the son of Hirata Shōgen 平田将監, a vassal of Shinmen Iga no Kami, the lord of Takayama Castle in the Yoshino district of Mimasaka Province.
Because of the uncertainty centering on Munisai ( when he died, whether he was truly Musashi's father, etc.
He died in 1580, leaving two daughters ; his wife adopted a recently born child, from the Akamatsu clan, intended to succeed Munisai at his jitte school.
Munisai lived a good deal longer, later than 1590 possibly.
Munisai divorced her after Musashi's birth, whereupon she decamped for her father's house, leaving Musashi with Munisai.
Munisai then remarried to Yoshiko.
He was apparently trained by Munisai in the sword, and in the family art of the jutte.
This training did not last for a very long time, as in 1589, Munisai was ordered by Shinmen Sokan to kill Munisai's student, Honiden Gekinosuke.
The Honiden family was displeased, and so Munisai was forced to move four kilometers (~ 2. 5 mi.
In 1592, Munisai died, although Tokitsu believes that the person who died at this time was really Hirata Takehito.
Musashi's father, Munisai, also fought against a master of the Yoshioka school and won 2 out of 3 bouts in front of the shogun at the time, Ashikaga Yoshiaki who granted him the title of " Unrivaled Under The Sun ".
A document dated 5 September 1607, purporting to be a transmission by Miyamoto Munisai of his teachings, suggests Munisai lived at least to this date.
Munisai had moved to northern Kyūshū and became Tadaoki's teacher, leading to the possibility that Munisai introduced the two.

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