Ask AI3: What is Soilih?
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The first president of Comoros, Ahmed Abdallah Abderemane, did not last long before being ousted in a coup by Ali Soilih, an atheist with an Islamic background.
Soilih began with a set of solid socialist ideals designed to modernize the country.
A French mercenary by the name of Bob Denard, arrived in Comoros at dawn on 13 May 1978, and removed Soilih from power.
In 1978, president Ali Soilih, who had a firm anti-French line, was killed and Ahmed Abdallah came to power.
Comoros also hosted an embassy of China, which established relations during the Soilih regime.
The three years of estrangement following the unilateral declaration of independence and the nationalistic Soilih regime were followed during the conservative Abdallah and Djohar regimes by a period of growing trade, aid, cultural, and defense links between the former colony and France, punctuated by frequent visits to Paris by the head of state and occasional visits by the French president to Moroni.
* May 12 – May 13 – A group of mercenaries led by Bob Denard oust Ali Soilih in the Comoros ; 10 local soldiers are killed.
* May 29 – Ali Soilih is found dead in the Comoros, allegedly shot when trying to escape.
Nationalization, even during the Soilih years, has been limited.
Soilih did expropriate the facilities of a foreign oil company, but only after the government of Madagascar took over the company's plants in that country.
Ahmed Abdallah was replaced by Ali Soilih.
With the support of the Rhodesian government, he returned to the Comoros with 43 men on May 13, 1978 and carried out a coup against president Ali Soilih, who had turned toward socialist policies.
Soilih was killed under mysterious circumstances on May 29, 1978.
Flag of the " État comorien " under the rule of Ali Soilih ( 1975-1978 )
Ali Soilih, full name Ali Soilih Mtsashiwa, ( January 7, 1937 – May 29, 1978 ) was a Comorian socialist revolutionary and political figure.
Soilih was born in Majunga, Madagascar.
In 1970 Ali Soilih entered politics as a supporter of Said Ibrahim, leader of the Democratic Assembly of the Comoran People, Rassemblement démocratique du Peuple Comorien ( RDPC ), and soon developed an ideology based on hostility against France as former colonial power.
Less than a month after Comoros gained independence from France, Soilih overthrew President Said Mohamed Jaffar and became head of a revolutionary council which took over Comoros.
This occurred on August 3, 1975 when Soilih, whose adherents were barely armed, hired French mercenary Bob Denard to overthrow Abdallah.
Soilih officially became President of the revolutionary council in January 1976.
Soilih embarked on a revolutionary program that was mainly directed against the traditional Muslim society of the country.
Soilih advanced the cause of the youth by discouraging the study of history and allowing young people to take more power.
Soilih created the ' Moissy ', a young revolutionary militia trained by Tanzanian military advisers.
Growing discontent promoted by the political opposition resulted in four unsuccessful coup attempts against the Soilih regime during its two and a half-year existence.

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