Ask AI3: What is Today?
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Today, as new nations rise from the former colonial empires, nationalism is one of the hurricane forces loose in the world.
Today the Negro must discover his role in an industrialized South, which indicates that the racial aspect of the Southern dilemma hasn't changed radically, but rather has gradually come to be reflected in this new context, this new coat of paint.
Today the private detective will also investigate insurance claims or handle divorce cases, but his primary function remains what it has always been, to assist those who have money in their unending struggle with those who have not.
Today our surging strength is apparent to everyone.
He paused for a moment to look at me, then went on to the city desk to deliver his `` Today '' column.
Today, seven years after the date of my initial induction as a draftee, I am Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Science at St. Michael's College.
`` Today I go see the horses ''.
Today, tomorrow, six months, even perhaps a year
Today, refrigerated carriers have made the shipping of avocados possible to any place in the world.
Today we have side-looking radar which has such high resolution that the radar picture clearly shows individual buildings, runways, taxi-ways, separate spans of bridges, etc..
Today the recreational boating scene is awash with heartening statistics which prove the enormous growth of that sport.
Today, the boat, on its trailer, is brought to the gear and loaded at the door.
Today, Federal funds account for only one-fifth of the nation's expenditures for vocational education.
Today, according to land economist Homer Hoyt, shopping centers and their associated parking lots cover some 46,000 acres of land, which is almost exactly the total land area in all the nation's Central Business Districts put together.
Today whole grains are freshly ground every day and baked into bread.
Today, the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches stand virtually alone in holding that conviction.
Today a battle cry may seem an anachronism, for in the modern Army, esprit de corps has been sacrificed to organizational charts and tables.
Today he is a major -- in the Regular Army.
Today Northern Vietnam is overtly Communist ; ;
Today Sukarno's government is heavily besieged by avowed Communists, and for all of its `` neutralist '' pretensions, it is a firm ally of Soviet policy.
Today the Nasser and Kassem governments are adamantly hostile to the West, are dependent for their military power on Soviet equipment and personnel ; ;
Today, Africa is swerving violently away from the West and plunging, it would seem, into the Soviet orbit.
Today it is up for grabs.
Today it espouses certain ideas in its curriculum that other institutions might consider somewhat breathtaking.
Today many college bound students try to take a course in personal typing, as they feel a certain degree of mastery of this skill is almost essential for one who proposes to do academic work in college and a professional school.

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