Ask AI3: What is battle?
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Otherwise, she would be baited into a tantrum -- teased and provoked until she lost control of herself, and thus lost still another battle in the maddening struggle of Tom Lord Vs. Joyce Lakewood.
But in the middle of the last century an island woman named `` Karipo '' seized a spear in the heat of an inter-tribal battle and rallied the women after their men had fled.
Billy Tilghman and his comrades rode off to the battle.
But before this came about, 214,938 Americans had given their lives in battle for the two concepts of the sovereign rights of men and of states.
I asked about the battle between life and death in his plays.
The first half of The Charles Men, ending on the climax of the battle of Poltava in 1709, is more dramatically coherent than the second.
With troops dispersed on fields of battle rather than on the parade ground, it may seem that a certain amount of monitoring is automatically enforced by the lines of communication.
The battle is not easy.
Grigorss overcomes the suitor in battle, delivers the city from its oppressors and marries Sibylla who had fallen in love with the beautiful knight the moment she saw him.
In June, 1940, Sergeant Helion, with a company of reserve troops waiting to go into battle, was sketching the hills south of the Loire River, when the war suddenly rolled in upon him.
In the early months of 1714, the battle between Swift and Steele over the issue of the Succession entered its major phase.
`` It would be a disgrace, and, as I have already said to the people of Tennessee, if Hearst is nominated, we may as well pen a dispatch, and send it back from the field of battle: ' All is lost, including our honor ' ''.
Hearst won the Iowa state convention, but ran into a bitter battle in Indiana before losing to Parker, drawing an angry statement from Indiana's John W. Kern:
The account of the battle is, next to his descriptions of Garibaldi's campaigns, Trevelyan's outstanding military narrative.
The scene is etched in sharp detail, the military problems brilliantly explained, and the excitement and importance of the battle made evident.
As I got off the trolley at Kehl bridge the next morning, I was met by what looked like 5,000 students, some of whom were carrying sticks apparently for the coming `` battle '' with the police.
Seven battle flags and fourteen officers' swords were sent to Thomas' headquarters.
Thomas thanked his men for their tenacity of purpose, unmurmuring endurance, cheerful obedience, brilliant heroism and high qualities in battle.
There was a battle on an average of once every three weeks.
But he was perpetually engaged in a battle to command his own temper.
The eventual prize in this new battle was the public printing contract that Woodruff still held.
Loyal and unscrupulous, with a single-minded ambition to which he devoted all his energies, he outmatched the English diplomats time and time again until, by a kind of poetic justice, he fell at the battle of Courtrai, the victim of the equally nationalistic if less articulate Flemings.
It was the first American war in which the death rate from disease was lower than that from battle, due to the provision of trained medical personnel ( of the 200,000 officers, 42,000 were physicians ), compulsory vaccination, rigorous camp sanitation, and adequate hospital facilities.
He is usually something of an underdog, he must battle the organized police force as well as recognized criminals.
In his fulminating against the literary world, Krim is really struggling with the New Yorker in himself, but it's a losing battle.

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