Ask AI3: What is copyright?
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* Australian Digital Alliance, copyright advocacy group
In copyright law, there is a necessity for little flexibility as to what constitutes authorship.
The United States Copyright Office defines copyright as " a form of protection provided by the laws of the United States ( title 17, U. S. Code ) to authors of " original works of authorship ".
Holding the title of " author " over any " literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, certain other intellectual works " give rights to this person, the owner of the copyright, exclusive right to do or authorize any production or distribution of their work.
Any person or entity wishing to use intellectual property held under copyright must receive permission from the copyright holder to use this work, and often will be asked to pay for the use of copyrighted material.
After a fixed amount of time, the copyright expires on intellectual work and it enters the public domain, where it can be used without limit.
Copyright law has been amended time and time again since the inception of the law to extend the length of this fixed period where the work is exclusively controlled by the copyright holder.
However, copyright is merely the legal reassurance that one owns his / her work.
An interesting aspect of authorship emerges with copyright in that it can be passed down to another upon one's death.
The person who inherits the copyright is not the author, but enjoys the same legal benefits.
Questions arise as to the application of copyright law.
As well, how does copyright apply to fan-generated stories for books?
The copyright on Pooh expires in 2026.
* 1920 – Peru becomes a signatory to the Buenos Aires copyright treaty.
The property was wholly disencumbered in 1847 by Robert Cadell, the publisher, who cancelled the bond upon it in exchange for the family's share in the copyright of Sir Walter's works.
The terms of the Artistic License 1. 0 were at issue in a 2007 federal district court decision in the US which was criticized by some for suggesting that FOSS-like licenses could only be enforced through contract law rather than through copyright law, in contexts where contract damages would be difficult to establish.
On appeal, a federal appellate court " determined that the terms of the Artistic License are enforceable copyright conditions ".
* 1950 – Argentina becomes a signatory to the Buenos Aires copyright treaty.
* 1667 – The blind and impoverished John Milton sells the copyright of Paradise Lost for £ 10.
* 1914 – Honduras becomes a signatory to the Buenos Aires copyright treaty.
Arrangers in pop music recordings often add parts for orchestral or band instruments involving new material such that the arrangers may reasonably be considered co-composers, although for copyright and royalty purposes usually are not.
* 1710 – The Statute of Anne, the first law regulating copyright, enters into force in Great Britain.
While the creator of the NES version would be restricted from making a competitive version of an NES game, the original arcade copyright holder was not precluded from licensing out rights for a home version of an arcade game to multiple systems.
ACM requires the copyright of all submissions to be assigned to the organization as a condition of publishing the work.

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