Ask AI3: What is corruption?
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By upholding his own personal code of behavior, the private detective has placed himself in opposition to a society whose fabric is permeated with crime and corruption.
This warm relationship came to an abrupt end in June of 1834 when the National Congress appropriated $3,000 for compiling and printing the laws of Arkansas Territory, and, taking note of the recent wave of corruption in the legislature, left it to the governor to award the contract.
In Patchen's eyes, organized churches are as odious as organized governments, and Christian symbols, having been taken over by the moneyed classes, are now agents of corruption.
Freedom of the press was lost in Cuba because of decades of corruption and social imbalances.
Further, it should be recalled that some very definite steps were taken by Congress to combat corruption in the labor movement by its passage of the Landrum-Griffin Act.
In many societies, what we regard as corruption, favoritism, and personal influence are so accepted as consistent with the mores of officialdom and so integral a part of routine administrative practice that any attempt to force their elimination will be regarded by the local leadership as not only unwarranted but unfriendly.
Yet an economy cannot get the most out of its resources if dishonesty, corruption, and favoritism are widespread.
Some of the most dramatic successes of Communism in winning local support can be traced to the identification -- correct or not -- of Communist regimes with personal honesty and pro-Western regimes with corruption.
Almost the first step in the corruption of Pip's values is the unworthy shame he feels when Estella cruelly remarks the coarseness of his hands: `` They had never troubled me before, but they troubled me now, as vulgar appendages ''.
when, on the journey to London that immediately follows, he pauses nostalgically to lay his hand upon the finger-post at the end of the village, the wooden pointer symbolically designates a spiritual frontier between innocence and the corruption of worldly vanity.
-- A wave of public resentment against corruption in government is rising in Massachusetts.
The public atmosphere that has been generated which makes acceptance of this law a possibility stems from the disrepute into which the labor movement has fallen as a result of Mr. McClellan's hearings into corruption in labor-management relations and, later, into the jurisdictional squabbles that plagued industrial relations at the missile sites.
Mama had died before the corruption of the family circle, the interruption of Charles.
Frémont was already under a cloud with charges of negligence in his command of the Department of the West compounded with allegations of fraud and corruption.
The mid-term elections in 1862 brought the Republicans severe losses due to sharp disfavor with the administration over its failure to deliver a speedy end to the war, as well as rising inflation, new high taxes, rumors of corruption, the suspension of habeas corpus, the military draft law, and fears that freed slaves would undermine the labor market.
High international oil prices and rising oil production have led to a very strong economic growth in recent years, but corruption and public-sector mismanagement remain, particularly in the oil sector, which accounts for over 50 percent of GDP, over 90 percent of export revenue, and over 80 percent of government revenue.
Relations between the two countries have not always been cordial due to the former French government's policy of supporting militant separatists in Angola's Cabinda province and the international Angolagate scandal embarrassed both governments by exposing corruption and illicit arms deals.
Similarly, an article ( written from an in-universe perspective ) in the Call of Cthulhu tabletop role-playing game speculates that it may be a corruption of Abd Al-Azrad, which it claims translates to The Worshipper of the Great Devourer.
In The Augean Stables he helped the government to cover up vast corruption.
Factors behind the deaths include bullying, hazing, and the systemic corruption within the Azeri military.
In October 2009, when visiting Yerevan, the World Bank ’ s managing director, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, warned that Armenia will not reach a higher level of development unless its leadership changes the " oligopolistic " structure of the national economy, bolsters the rule of law and shows " zero tolerance " towards corruption.
" She also called for a sweeping reform of tax and customs administration, the creation of a " strong and independent judicial system " as well as a tough fight against government corruption.
The failure of market reforms, clan-based economics, and official corruption in Armenia have allowed the success of this process.
Furthermore, Aghajanov points to the Armenian government's failure to eliminate widespread corruption and mismanagement in the energy sector – abuses that cost Armenia at least $ 50 million in losses each year, according to one estimate.
Many contemporary definitions of " artist " and " art " are highly contingent on culture, resisting aesthetic prescription, in much the same way that the features constituting beauty and the beautiful, cannot be standardized easily without corruption into kitsch.

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