Ask AI3: What is coward?
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`` Just let me meet up with that damned bushwhackin' coward face-to-face ''!!
`` Does this make it any easier, coward ''??
This dirty coward just admitted killing Arbuckle.
He had come because he could not live out his life feeling that he had been a coward.
Ultimately he realizes he cannot face his lover if it is as a coward.
Himmelstoß later joins them at the front, revealing himself as a coward who shirks his duties for fear of getting hurt or killed, and pretends to be wounded because of a scratch on his face.
If a guest was considered a ' coward ' for dropping out of the game, he could be branded as a ' deserter ' and not invited back to further drinking bouts.
Fastolf appears in Henry VI, Part I in which he is portrayed as an abject coward.
" Author Mark Lynas said " The only reason why this became an issue is that there is a small but vociferous group of climate ' sceptics ' lobbying against taking action, so the BBC is behaving like a coward and refusing to take a more consistent stance.
After fleeing the events surrounding Archangel and Uncanny X-Force like a coward, Bobby goes into hiding, living a life of debauchery.
Booth, who had promised his mother at the outbreak of war that he would not enlist as a soldier, increasingly chafed at not fighting for the South, writing in a letter to her, " I have begun to deem myself a coward and to despise my own existence ".
Succeeding, she contemplates immortality, finding that safety from accidental death has become so valuable to her that she becomes a coward, cowering from all possible risk, seeing shelter in a hospital, and is only rescued from mindless panic by her husband finding her, realizing the source of her terror and rescuing her from immortality by claiming she has a slow growing tumor in an unreachable part of the body.
Glyndŵr has remained a notable figure in the popular culture of both Wales and England, portrayed in William Shakespeare's play Henry IV, Part 1 ( anglicised as Owen Glendower ) as a wild and exotic man ruled by magic and emotion (" at my nativity, The front of heaven was full of fiery shapes, Of burning cressets, and at my birth The frame and huge foundation of the earth Shaked like a coward.
Far from being a saint, then, he was at best a fool, perhaps an anti-Semite and probably a coward.
As the Borg continue to assimilate, Worf suggests destroying the ship, but Picard angrily calls him a coward and vows to continue the fight.
Rodney is at heart a coward ; he is terrified of fighting and often pretends to be good at slaying dragons, while in fact he once bribed one, ( known as " Dragy ".
After all, it is courage in the face of reality that distinguishes such natures as Thucydides from Plato: Plato is a coward in the face of reality -- consequently he takes refuge in the ideal: Thucydides is a master of himself -- consequently he is able to master life.
" He admits that he is a coward and cannot face her, and quickly leaves as Suzuki and Kate enter from the garden.
Many faulty etymologies have been devised for the word, including one by a British officer in 1789 who said it derived from the Cherokee word eankke, meaning " coward " – but no such word exists in Cherokee.
During his absence Segimerus was declared a coward by other Germanic chieftains because he had bowed down to Roman rule – a crime punishable by death under Germanic law.
: To coward soul or faithless heart the search were unavailing.
In Shakespeare's King Lear ( 1603 ), the Earl of Kent refers to Oswald as: "... nothing but the composition of a knave, beggar, coward, pandar, and the son and heir of a mongrel bitch ..."
He is presented as an atheistic, hypocritical coward, a " perpetuall Dictator ", terrorising the Queen and ruining the whole country.
A propaganda cartoon created within hours of William Bligh's arrest, portraying him as a coward
Bligh was painted as a coward for this but Duffy argues that if Bligh was hiding it would have been to escape and thwart the coup.

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