Ask AI3: What is creative?
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The creative urge, for example, transcends the body and the self.
It is not a substitute for sex but a dynamic expression of the creative impulse in unfettered man.
And the life they lead is undisciplined and for the most part unproductive, even though they make a fetish of devoting themselves to some creative pursuit -- writing, painting, music.
Who are the creative representatives of this movement??
Sex as the creative principle of the universe, the secret of primitive religion, the life of myth.
But it is characteristic of him, we are told, `` his little artifice '', to be able to introduce `` into a fairly vulgar and humorous piece of hackwork a sudden phrase of genuine creative art ''.
As a creative enterprise, its abilities are primarily in `` swallowing '' creative enterprises developed outside its own organization ( an ability made possible by us, and almost mandatory ).
Henrietta was discovering in the process of writing, as the born writer does, not merely a channel for the discharge of accumulated information but a stimulus to the development of the creative powers of observation, insight and intuition.
One might argue that the ultimate purpose of literary scholarship is to correct this spontaneous provincialism that is likely to obscure the horizons of the general public, of the newspaper critic, and of the creative artist himself.
Our students want occupations that permit them to use their talents and training, to be creative and original, to work with and to help other people.
Malraux, to be sure, does not abandon the world of violence, combat and sudden death which has become his hallmark as a creative artist, and which is the only world, apparently, in which his imagination can flame into life.
he is far from being a literary hero, yet is a creative artist.
As Critic Walter Kerr points out: `` Adaptations, so long as they are good, still qualify as creative ''.
There was only one way to accomplish this: by design, by drawing diagrams and sketches in which he probed the remotest corner of his mind for creative ideas to carry his concept.
That is why our creative people give their time to literature, not to painting or sculpture ''.
The eternal truth is that progress -- due, as it always is, to individual creative genius -- is just as dependent on freedom as human life is dependent on the beating of the heart.
And lest anybody think that considerations such as these are not germane in a foundation report, let me enlighten them with the truths that, under Communism there would have been no capital with which to endow the Foundation, and that there would not be that individual freedom within which the Fellows might proceed, untrammeled in every way, toward their discoveries, their creative efforts for the good of mankind.
As heretofore, our Fellowships are available to assist research in all fields of knowledge and creative effort in all the arts.
Thus, we have no part, and want none, in current discussions of the relative importance of science, the social studies, the humanities, the creative arts.
But his business also grew, and we are told that Mr. Brown found it increasingly difficult to devote as much time to his creative thinking as his inclinations led him to desire.
It is the purpose of this magazine to serve as an outlet for student creative writing.
One might have expected that such a violent epoch of transition would have destroyed the creative flair of a composer, especially one whose works were so fluent and spontaneous.
His creative development of melodic designs of Slavic dance tunes and love songs is captivating: witty, clever, adroit, and subtle.
Prokofieff might well emerge as a cultural hero, who, by the force of his creative life, helped preserve the main stream of tradition, to which the surviving idioms of current experimentalism may be eventually added and integrated.

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