Ask AI3: What is creativity?
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For drugs are in themselves no royal road to creativity.
A broader concept of imitation is needed, one which acknowledges that true invention is important, that the artist's creativity in part transcends the non-artistic causal factors out of which it arises.
It should be added that in man neocortical-hypothalamic interrelations probably play a role in the fusion of emotional processes with those underlying perception, memory, imagination, and creativity.
Neither of them got very far beyond a sort of entranced rapture at his own creativity.
I do not believe that this is due to anything especially frightful about their relationship to their own creativity.
I believe rather that it is due to the catastrophic world in which that creativity seemed to be the sole value.
An important criterion of maturity is creativity.
Thus creativity may run all the way from making a cake, building a chicken coop, or producing a book, to founding a business, creating a League of Nations or, developing a mature character.
All living creatures from the lowest form of insect or animal life evidence the power of creativity, if it is only to reproduce a form like their own.
In discussion of the arts, a distinction is sometimes made between the Apollonian and Dionysian impulses where the former is concerned with imposing intellectual order and the latter with chaotic creativity.
Like the existentialists and phenomenologists, he sees the ambiguity of life as the basis of creativity.
* Sri Kantha, S. Alfred Nobel's unusual creativity ; an analysis.
Landing men on the Moon by the end of 1969 required the most sudden burst of technological creativity, and the largest commitment of resources ($ 24 billion ), ever made by any nation in peacetime.
Their creativity soared after their father presented Branwell with a set of toy soldiers in June 1826.
The main recent sense of the word “ art ” is roughly as an abbreviation for creative art or “ fine art .” Here we mean that skill is being used to express the artist ’ s creativity, or to engage the audience ’ s aesthetic sensibilities, or to draw the audience towards consideration of the “ finer ” things.
Between 1512 and the final draft in 1528, Dürer's belief developed from an understanding of human creativity as spontaneous or inspired to a concept of ' selective inward synthesis '.
Lucifer is the light spirit, which " plays on human pride and offers the delusion of divinity ", but also motivates creativity and spirituality ; Ahriman is the dark spirit, which tempts human beings to "... deny link with divinity and to live entirely on the material plane ", but also stimulates intellectuality and technology.
These are all the reasons why they are thought to affect " creativity ".
Larry Benson argued that the interpretation of Beowulf as an entirely formulaic work diminishes the ability of the reader to analyze the poem in a unified manner, and with due attention to the poet ’ s creativity.
Her Journal was an important laboratory for her creativity serving as both sketchbook and literary experiment where in tiny handwriting she reported on society, recorded her impressions of art and artists, recounted stories, and observed life around her.
In others, it has also been associated with creativity, goal striving, and positive achievements.
It is often suggested that creativity and bipolar disorder are linked.
Some people have increased creativity while others demonstrate poor judgment and irritability.
The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh, an artist whose creativity was influenced by mental illness
Some studies have found a significant association between bipolar disorder and creativity.

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