Ask AI3: What is defending?
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`` You owe it to Penny to give her a chance to explain that she was defending you, really '', he observed mildly.
Not defending England, or being an ace, or fighting for humanity.
This is the rhetoric of righteousness the beatniks use in defending their way of life, their search for wholeness, though their actual existence fails to reach these `` religious '' heights.
Until tangible and mutually enforceable arms reduction measures are worked out we will not weaken the means of defending our institutions.
Soon he was in trouble there, for defending a woman who was accused of smiling in church.
`` On trial in Jakarta for having flown for the Indonesian anti-Communist insurgents, U.S. pilot Alan Lawrence Pope boldly told the court that in supporting the freedom fighters, he was actually defending the sovereignty and independence of Indonesia.
The men of our company had a dozen fights defending your name.
The ten or more dangerous parties singled out for prosecution were still at large, and Pels realized that if these men entrenched themselves in their adobe houses, defending themselves through loopholes, it would be most difficult to capture them.
It was not even in writing Latin epigrams, sometimes bawdy ones, or in translating Lucian from Greek into Latin or in defending the study of Greek against the attack of conservative academics, or in attacking the conservative theologians who opposed Erasmus's philological study of the New Testament.
Rabb, the former Louisiana State field general, came off the bench for his debut with the Bills Sunday and directed his new team to a 22-12 upset victory over the Houston Oilers, defending league champions.
The British defending lawyers, who today increased from three to four, demanded to know if they could make the information involved seem of little value to a jury, the chances of their clients would improve.
Arnold Palmer, the defending champion, lost his title on the 72nd hole after a few minutes of misfortune that left even his fellow pros gaping in disbelief.
I have nothing to gain by defending Cromwell ''.
In fact, they live as monogamous pairs, with their young, defending the same territory.
Up to the time of the revolution the promise was, " to be true and faithful to the king and his heirs, and truth and faith to bear of life and limb and terrene honour, and not to know or hear of any ill or damage intended him without defending him therefrom.
It is thus much better equipped for fulfilling its civil roles as opposed to providing a deterrence against would-be aggressors or in defending the nation during a war.
Wesley was a champion of Arminian teachings, defending his soteriology in a periodical titled The Arminian and writing articles such as Predestination Calmly Considered.
Etymologically, the name is derived from the Greek " Αλέξανδρος " ( Aléxandros ), meaning " defending men " or " protector of men ", a compound of the verb " ἀλέξω " ( alexō ), " to ward off, to avert, to defend " and the noun " ἀνδρός " ( andros ), genitive of " ἀνήρ " ( anēr ), " man ".
In the 1970s and 1980s, the ACLU ventured into new legal areas, defending homosexuals, students, prisoners, and the poor.
Also, supporters of this view would characterize Luke ’ s portrayal of the Roman Empire as positive because they believe Luke “ glosses over negative aspects of the empire and presents imperial power positively .” For example, when Paul is before the council defending himself, Paul says that he is “ on trial concerning the hope of the resurrection of the dead ” ( Acts 23: 6 ).
However, in their first-ever Super Bowl appearance, they were defeated 34 – 19, by the defending champion Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXXIII.
For most of that period, it allowed horsemen to fight while being the targets of defending arquebuseers without being easily killed.
* 1944 – World War II: The Battle of Narva ends with a combined German – Estonian force successfully defending Narva, Estonia, from invading Soviet troops.
Another Abergavenny born soldier, Thomas Monaghan received his VC for defending his colonel during the Indian Rebellion of 1857.
The Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty ( ABM Treaty or ABMT ) was a treaty between the United States and the Soviet Union on the limitation of the anti-ballistic missile ( ABM ) systems used in defending areas against missile-delivered nuclear weapons.

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