Ask AI3: What is demean?
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" Death might be rightly meted out as punishment, or met with equanimity in peace or war as a gift of fate, but death inflicted without moral purpose was ignoble, and might pollute and demean those who witnessed it.
Also in the article, Voight accused four-star General and former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO Wesley Clark of having " shame upon him, having been relieved of his command " and said that Clark " has done their Obama camp's ' bidding and become a lying fool in his need to demean a fellow soldier and a true hero.
Pope Clement V canonized Celestine in 1313 at the urging of King Philip IV of France, who saw it as an opportunity to demean Pope Boniface VIII, whom Philip despised.
Yeats naturally hated MacBride and continually sought to deride and demean him both in his letters and his poetry.
To accept jail penitently as an accession to ' the rules ' is to switch suddenly to a spirit of subservience, to demean the seriousness of the protest ... In particular, the neo-conservative insistence on a guilty plea should be eliminated.
That may be true, but it ought not demean their work.
Rick Sanchez of CNN went on to comment: "... a horrible word that is used to do nothing but demean women ... Obviously, the word that's used here is very offensive.
Although it was named after the raccoons that were often found in the former rapids of Coon Creek, City Councilman Joe Sidoti believed that the name had a racist connotation, as the word " coon " was used to demean African-Americans in the South during the Civil Rights Movement.
Here, he does not demean the working class in general, but aims for " the virtual elimination of the few lowest and most degenerate types ".
; Angela: The girl of Zack's affections, he was constantly attempting to impress and go out on a date with her, much to her annoyance, she would often demean Zack for his attempts.
Although aimed at Nonconformists, when the Conventical Act was passed, the Jews led by their new rabbi, Jacob Sasportas, took their anxieties to Charles II, who told them, ‘ laughing and spitting ’, not to worry ; later the Privy Council put it in writing that Jews could ‘ promise themselves the effects of the same favour as formerly they have had, so long as they demean themselves peaceably and quietly, with due obedience to His Majesty ’ s laws and without scandal to his government ’.
Anti-LGBT rhetoric and anti-gay slogans are themes, catchphrases, and slogans that have been used to condemn homosexuality or other non-heterosexual sexual orientations or to demean LGBT people.
B ' nai B ' rith also sponsors the Enlighten America program, the centerpiece of which is a pledge that individuals can take to refrain from using slang expressions or telling jokes based on race, sexual orientation, gender, nationality or physical or mental challenges that would serve to demean another.
The State cannot demean their existence or control their destiny by making their private sexual conduct a crime.
In English, words such as it and its genitive form its have been used to refer to human babies and animals, although with the passage of time this usage has come to be considered too impersonal in the case of babies, as it may be thought to demean a conscious being to the status of a mere object.
No matter how we may demean ourselves, we find embarrassments everywhere.
** Anti-LGBT rhetoric – themes, catchphrases, and slogans which have been used to condemn homosexuality or to demean homosexuals
They believed this would demean women while breaking down the traditional family.
In the course of adjudicating, litigants often yell at each other, sometimes for extended periods of time ; however, Judge Mathis will not tolerate disrespect and will dismiss cases if litigants demean or use profane language directed towards himself or the party before him.
Some historians have recently cast doubts on the account, suggesting it may have been revised or rewritten at a later date, by an author who had a motive to both demean Gerald and enhance the reputation of Owain.
The NWP spoke for middle class women, and its agenda was generally opposed by working class women and by the labor unions that represented working class men who feared low-wage women workers would lower the overall pay scale and demean the role of the male breadwinner.
There are also verses which demean women.
He used every means to demean and disgrace them.
Although Mencken did not intend to demean women, his description of his " ideal scene " with a woman in the 1922 edition was not conventionally progressive:
However, the Chair of Martin's department at Wellesley, Selwyn R. Cudjoe, labelled Martin's book " Gangsta history, meant to demean and to defame others and to bring them into disrepute, rather than to enlighten and to lead us to a more complex and sophisticated understanding of social phenomena.

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