Ask AI3: What is development?
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Musicians who use the chance method also exclude subjective control of formal development.
America is now joining Europe in this `` mature '' phase of development.
In Plato's judgment, the arts play a meaningful role in society only in the education of the young, prior to the full development of their intellectual powers.
With the advent of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, the development of the modern private detective begins.
American democratic thought, pointed up the relation between the Protestant movement in this country and the development of a social religion, which he called the American Democratic Faith.
And here again we hear the same refrain mentioned above: `` the paramount goal of the United States set long ago was to guard the rights of the individual, ensure his development, enlarge his opportunity ''.
His repeated experimentation with the techniques of fiction testifies to an independence of mind and an originality of approach, but it also shows him touching at many points the stream of literary development back of him.
As a Humanist, Dr. Huxley interests himself in the possibilities of human development, and one thing we can say about this suggestion, which comes from a leading zoologist, is that, so far as he is concerned, the scientific outlook places no rigid limitation upon the idea of future human evolution.
Henrietta was discovering in the process of writing, as the born writer does, not merely a channel for the discharge of accumulated information but a stimulus to the development of the creative powers of observation, insight and intuition.
New Nations, and others struggling with the problems of development, will progress only -- regardless of any outside help -- if they demonstrate faith in their own destiny and use their own resources to fulfill it.
A common meeting ground is desirable for those nations which are prepared to assist in the development effort.
Next I refer to our program in space exploration, which is often mistakenly supposed to be an integral part of defense research and development.
Third, the United States is pressing forward in the development of large rocket engines to place vehicles of many tons into space for exploration purposes.
both Flugel and Ranyard West deal with the development and nature of conscience, as do such theologians as Niebuhr and Buber.
I am not aware of great attention by any of these authors or by the psychotherapeutic profession to the role of literary study in the development of conscience -- most of their attention is to a pre-literate period of life, or, for the theologians of course, to the influence of religion.
Probably the most important thing to focus on is not the development of conscience, which may well be almost beyond the reach of literature, but the contents of conscience, the code which is imparted to the developed or immature conscience available.
Perhaps it is only an analogy, but one of the most obvious differences between cheap fiction and fiction of an enduring quality is the development of a theme or story with leisure and anticipation.
but the possibility of this effort is bound up with that development of historical thought which is the greatest achievement of our civilization in the last two centuries, and it is utterly impossible to people in whom this development has not taken place.
Let us survey for a moment the development of modern thought -- turning our attention from the Reformation toward the revolutionary and romantic movements that follow and dwelling finally on more recent decades.
These lectures formed the nucleus of a general survey of English development which took form afterward as A History Of England.
But as a stimulating, provocative interpretation of the broad sweep of English development it is incomparable.
Living pictures of the early boroughs, country life in Tudor and Stuart times, the impact of the industrial revolution compete with sensitive surveys of language and literature, the common law, parliamentary development.
These chatty merchants made amusing and instructive traveling companions, for their business took them to all four corners of the globe, and Florentine gossip had already reached a high stage of development as even a cursory glance at the Inferno will prove.
Even in the nineteenth century such accomplished philologists as Kemble and Guest were led into what now seem ludicrous errors because of their failure to recognize that modern forms of place names are not necessarily the result of logical philological development.

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