Ask AI3: What is games?
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But with Bill O'Connor on the fiddle, and Gran Harrow exuberantly shouting `` Glory Be '' and `` Hallelujah '' above their united chant of the lilting old ballads, they played their quaint folk games with all the fervor and abandon of a real celebration.
At these words of sympathy and understanding, Harmony said generously, `` I don't mind setting here along with Gran while you go out and join in the games ''.
By now Harmony could see that most of the adults in the train were winded and resting, or else siphoned off from the games by the challenging lure of the great cliff towering above them.
The games were over, this was life.
Thus shielded, we played many foolish games in comfortable unselfconsciousness ; ;
As the field on which my tent was pitched was a favorite natural playground for the kids of the neighborhood, I had made many friends among them, taking part in their after-school games and trying desperately to translate Grimm's Fairy Tales into an understandable French as we gathered around the fire in front of the tent.
The CTCA program of activities was profuse: William Farnum and Mary Pickford on the screen, Elsie Janis and Harry Lauder on the stage, books provided by the American Library Association, full equipment for games and sports -- except that no `` bones '' were furnished for the all-time favorite pastime played on any floor and known as `` African golf ''.
Ball games, especially football, required some attention, and other organized sports may have attracted him as participant or spectator.
Everything from poetry to phonetics, history to histrionics, philosophy to party games has been adapted to the turntable.
It was late, we were playing kissing games, and Jessica and I were called on to kiss in front of the others.
Practices are held regularly and the schedule of games is prepared by the student coach and the officers of the club.
It was laid out in 196 for chariot races and other public games.
This one was set up here in 390 A.D. on a pedestal, the faces of which are carved with statues of the emperor and his family watching games in the Hippodrome, done so realistically that the obelisk itself is included in them.
The apparatus used by gymnasts was once a common sight in American gyms, but about 1930 it was dropped in favor of games.
Moving around camp we saw all kinds of camp stoves, lanterns, coolers, bedding, games, fishing tackle, windbreaks and sunshades.
In later childhood, an interest in team games replaces individual play ; ;
In this connection, it might be noted that the theory of games was a mathematical discovery long before its uses in political science were exploited.
This was typical of such games, which were earnestly played to win and practically never wound up in an expression of good fellowship.
Radio broadcasts had not begun and most devotees of baseball attended the games near home, in the town park or a pasture, with perhaps two or three trips to the city each season to see the Cubs or the Pirates or the Indians or the Red Sox.
As the twenties grew older, and as radio broadcasts of baseball games began to involve more and more people daily in the doings of the professionals, the great hitters ( always led by Babe Ruth ) overshadowed the game so that pitchers were nearly of no account.
The ordinary man and woman, however, saw little of the great professional games of those Golden Days, or of any other sporting event for that matter.
In some cities games were broadcast throughout the week and then on weekends the announcer was silenced, and fans must needs drive to the city from all the broadcast area to discover how their heroes were faring.
While women had always attended ball games in small numbers ( it was the part of a `` dead game sport '' in the early years of the twentieth century to be taken out to the ball park and to root, root, root for the home team ), they had often sat in patient martyrdom, unable even to read the scoreboard, which sometimes seemed to indicate that one team led another by a score of three hundred and eighty to one hundred and fifty-one.
The questions women asked at baseball games were standard grist for amateur comedy, as were the doings of women automobile drivers ; ;
I know Negroes who prefer the South and white Southerners, because `` At least there, you haven't got to play any guessing games ''!!

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