Ask AI3: What is hey?
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It sounded as if the man were calling him: `` Hey, Japanese hey there, Japanese ''.
What did he come for, hey??
Fat, hey??
As I slid in beside him he said, `` Some heap, hey??
It is one of the few lyrical episodes in the novel: " hey saw the sea spread out before them, a gently heaving expanse of deep-piled velvet, supple and sleek as a creature of the wild.
" Levy quotes Walter Tuchman: " hey asked us to stamp all our documents confidential ... We actually put a number on each one and locked them up in safes, because they were considered U. S. government classified.
Whereas several figures common to English Country Dance, e. g. arming and the straight hey, are found in the traditional dances and display dances such as morris, ECD's origins rest among the gentry, first at court, then spreading to bourgeois-London, finally moving into country manors around England.
Changes ( starting right or left )-like the circular hey, but dancers give hands as they pass ( handing hey ).
Usually done without hands, the circular hey may also be done by more than two couples facing alternately and moving in opposite directions-usually to their original places.
This name for the figure seems rather modern, since " hey " also means certain long, and not circular, objects ( e. g. fences ).
In early dances, where the hey is called a " double hey ", it works to interpret this as an oval hey, like the modern circular hey but adapted to the straight sides of a longways formation.
Hey-a weaving figure in which two groups of dancers move in single file and in opposite directions ( see circular hey and straight hey ).
Right & left-like the circular hey, but dancers give hands as they pass ( handing hey ).
Straight hey for four-dancers face alternately, the two in the middle facing out.
Straight hey for three-the first dancer faces the other two and passes right shoulders with the second dancer, left shoulder with the third-the other dancers moving and passing the indicated shoulder.
" ... " I'm truly friends with everybody but, hey — it could happen to Levon, too.
She said: " hey make a rule that nobody should come in without they have a hundred dollars.
My function is to raise the possibility, hey, you know, some of this stuff might be bullshit.
In addition, many Italian Americans, especially in the New York area, use the term " eh " as a general substitute for such basic greetings, such as " hey " or " hello ".

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