Ask AI3: What is humor?
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`` Oh, no '', he said, and he was without humor now.
But to me Beckett's writing had seemed permeated with love for human beings and with a kind of humor that I could reconcile neither with despair nor with nihilism.
The horrifying humor, the specifically sexual embarrassment of the joke gone wrong, the monstrous image of the fat man dressed up as a whore dressing up as a baby ; ;
and he wrote also the masterpiece of frontier humor, `` The Big Bear Of Arkansas '', in which earthy realism is placed alongside the exaggeration of the backwoods tall-tale and the awe with which man contemplates the grandeur and the mysteries of nature.
Shocked at the response to our proclamations, we grow more defensive, and worse, we lose our sense of humor and proportion.
Mercer's lyrics are characterized by an unerring ear for rhythmic nuances, a puckish sense of humor expressed in language with a colloquial flair.
Mr. Watson did not have much humor in his make-up, but he managed a mirthless smile.
He had the same bullet head of curly reddish hair but he didn't have Jim's pokerfaced humor or his brains or his charm.
That pot put Pa in an awful good humor whenever he thought of it.
So they parted when she was in an impatient humor.
He had a deep voice which was full of good food she had cooked, and good humor ; ;
Yet no detail was too small to receive attention from this master, and as a result the playing here has humor, delicacy, and radiant humanity.
But having lived with the disc for some time now, I find the performance less exciting than either Schnabel's or Fleisher's ( whose superb performance with the Budapest Quartet has still to be recorded ) and a good deal less filled with humor than Curzon's.
I called the other afternoon on my old friend, Graves Moreland, the Anglo-American literary critic -- his mother was born in Ohio -- who lives alone in a fairy-tale cottage on the Upson Downs, raising hell and peacocks, the former only when the venerable gentleman becomes an angry old man about the state of literature or something else that is dwindling and diminishing, such as human stature, hope, and humor.
`` I have come to talk with you about the future of humor and comedy '', I told him, at which he started slightly, and then made us each a stiff drink, with a trembling hand.
`` I seem to remember '', he said, `` that in an interview ten years ago you gave humor and comedy five years to live.
I took a deep breath and an even deeper swallow of my drink, and said, `` I admit that going back to Ralph Waldo Emerson for humor is like going to a modern musical comedy for music and comedy ''.
`` If we cannot tell evil, horror, and insanity from nonsense, what is the future of humor and comedy ''??
`` The political and intellectual Left began fighting humor and comedy years ago, because they fear things they do not understand and cannot manage, such as satire and irony, such as humor and comedy.
`` Now we are leaving humor and comedy behind again '', Moreland protested.
The gruesome humor of the Nazis was not forgotten -- the gas chamber with a sign on it with the name of a Jewish foundation and bearing a copper Star of David -- nor the gratuitous sadism of SS officers.
The letters of the common soldiers are rich in humor.
Indeed, no richer humor is to be found in the whole of American literature than in the letters of the semi-literate men who wore the blue and the gray.
Maybe it would be better to humor the guy and then make an exit.

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