Ask AI3: What is killed?
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They killed Big Charlie, dumped his body in my rose garden two nights ago.
`` He killed Tom -- do you understand that ''??
Although my shot killed his horse, he rolled off the bale on top of me.
`` If you hadn't I'd have killed you ''.
`` Don't get yourself killed for something that doesn't concern you ''.
For three straight years, Tom Horn patrolled the southern Wyoming pastures, and how many men he killed after Lewis and Powell ( if he killed Lewis and Powell ) will never be known.
It is possible, although highly doubtful, that he killed none at all but merely let his reputation work for him by privately claiming every unsolved murder in the state.
You killed him, didn't you ''??
`` But knowing you, I know that you're glad to be alive, and grateful -- and sorry because I killed the snake, even though I had to.
You actually hate me -- and we both know it -- because I killed that filthy snake.
And, as the others began to crawl out from beneath the desks and tend to those wounded, and mark the several killed, he climbed across the debris to Penny and took her hand in his.
These were the ones Keith sought out -- the loners, the ones who killed for the joy of it, like himself.
In two minutes the body of Tilghman's former comrade, who had been killed by Blue Throat in a gambling brawl the previous night, was carried into the town's funeral parlor to be prepared for decent burial.
Till one day the last freight had been jumped, the last pint had been killed, the last beat had been rapped.
But he plunges into yet another, this time with Norway, and is killed in an assault on the fortress of Fredrikshall, being only thirty-six years of age when he died.
He is the stern guardian of the status quo who has raised the utilitarian structures of the age, and he is the revolutionary poet with a gun in his hand who writes a tragic apologetic to posterity for the men he has killed.
Running across the deck, which was empty now that the livestock had been killed and eaten, they sniffed the spice-laden breezes that came from the shore, each pointing out new and exciting wonders to the other.
Men were killed in their camps, at their meals and in their sleep.
They made it, killed every last one of the Krauts, took the village on schedule.
He is thought either to have been killed by the Fascists as soon as he landed or to have killed himself by flying out to sea and crashing his plane.
It is true, of course, the uncertainties of life being what they are, that as now and then the Christian killed the lion, homecoming days have been ruined by a visiting team.
Douglas has consistently voted to aid the people who killed Masaryk, and against principles Masaryk died to uphold.
I once heard a comedian say that if you are killed by a taxicab in New York, it is listed as `` death due to natural causes ''.

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