Ask AI3: What is militant?
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`` I thought I knew more than my education had taught me, '' notes the narrator, `` because I had encountered the militant mobs of a political or religious faith ''.
From this point of view the `` militant mobs '' of the past, stirred into action by one ideology or another, were all composed of `` intellectuals '' -- and this is not the level on which the essence of mankind can be discovered.
The private detective is militant against injustice, a humorous and ironic explorer of the underworld ; ;
Many of these aspects will be seen as comparable to those of the ideal detective, but where the detective is active and militant, the jazz musician is passive, almost a victim of society.
But for the safety of Southeast Asia, and for the sake of the Laotian people -- who would not be well-ruled by either militant minority now engaged in the fighting -- this last big effort to seal that country from the cold war had to be made.
On a misty Sunday morning last month, a small band of militant anti-Communists called the Minutemen held maneuvers in a foggy field about fifteen miles east of here.
in the United States the initiation of militant anti-Communism, with the repentant ex-Communist in the vanguard.
L'Unita and Hoy published identical denunciations of Short's elevation, l'Osservatore Romano and the Christian Science Monitor ignored it, Times of India snickered at it, and the Manchester Guardian simply reported it -- the Fosterites in England were few but extremely militant.
Relations between the two countries have not always been cordial due to the former French government's policy of supporting militant separatists in Angola's Cabinda province and the international Angolagate scandal embarrassed both governments by exposing corruption and illicit arms deals.
* 1940 – Gudrun Ensslin, German militant leader, founded Red Army Faction ( d. 1977 )
Alfonso was a fierce, violent man, a soldier and nothing else, whose piety was wholly militant.
Hanjour's brother later explained that, frustrated at not finding a job, Hanjour " increasingly turned his attention toward religious texts and cassette tapes of militant Islamic preachers ".
In 1923, the organisation became African National Congress, and in 1929 the ANC supported a militant mineworkers ' strike.
Some ANC members were upset by the actions of the MK, and refused to accept violence as necessary for the ending of Apartheid, but these individuals became a minority as the militant leaders such as Nelson Mandela gained significant popularity.
He attacked militant antiwar demonstrators, both in his personal appearances and in his strip.
It has been asserted by Mansoor Ijaz that in 1996 while the Clinton Administration had begun pursuit of the policy, the Sudanese government allegedly offered to arrest and extradite Bin Laden as well as to provide the United States detailed intelligence information about growing militant organizations in the region, including Hezbollah and Hamas, and that U. S. authorities allegedly rejected each offer, despite knowing of bin Laden's involvement in bombings on American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.
The first volume of the Disputationes treats of the Word of God, of Christ, and of the Pope ; the second of the authority of ecumenical councils, and of the Church, whether militant, expectant, or triumphant ; the third of the sacraments ; and the fourth of Divine grace, free will, justification, and good works.
The introduction, " Let us pray for the whole state of Christ's Church militant here in earth " remained unaltered and only a thanksgiving for those " departed this life in thy faith and fear " was inserted to introduce the petition that the congregation might be " given grace so to follow their good examples that with them we may be partakers of thy heavenly kingdom ".
Griffith Thomas commented that the retention of the words " militant here in earth " defines the scope of this petition: we pray for ourselves, we thank God for them, and adduces collateral evidence to this end.
Paired with the dissipation of militant political efforts of the Chicano movement in the 1960s was the emergence of the Chicano generation.
In the face of armed revolt of Jewish militant groups and increasing violence of the local Arab population, Britain had found itself unable to control events.
In July 2010, members of a " militant Northern-based faction within the CIRA " claimed to have overthrown the leadership of the organization.
Among the teachings of Jesus Christ in the Gospel of Luke and the Gospel of Matthew, the message to his followers that one should " Turn the other cheek " and his example in the story Pericope Adulterae, in which Jesus intervenes in the stoning of an adulteress, are generally accepted as his condemnation of physical retaliation ( though most scholars agree that the latter passage was " certainly not part of the original text of St John's Gospel ") More militant Christians consider Romans 13: 3 – 4 to support the death penalty.
Carl Meinhof was the great-uncle ( the brother of the grandfather ) of Ulrike Meinhof, a founding member of the German Red Army Faction ( RAF ), a left-wing militant group, which operated in West Germany in 1970s and 1980s.
* Horst Mahler, lawyer, former RAF militant, now Neo-Nazi activist, born January 23, 1936

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