Ask AI3: What is nuclear?
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`` E '' stands for `` execution '' -- the moment a `` go order '' would unleash an American nuclear strike.
Work is under way to see whether new restraining devices should be installed on all nuclear weapons.
Only the President is permitted to authorize the use of nuclear weapons.
The President cannot personally remove the safety devices from every nuclear trigger.
Even he does not know the one signal for a nuclear strike -- the `` go code ''.
This year, moreover, growing numbers of nuclear powered submarines will enter our active forces, some to be armed with Polaris missiles.
To meet situations of less than general nuclear war, we continue to maintain our carrier forces, our many service units abroad, our always ready Army strategic forces and Marine Corps divisions, and the civilian components.
In a recent book called `` World Peace Through World Law '', two distinguished lawyers, Grenville Clark and Louis Sohn, call for just such an overhaul of the U.N., basing their case on the world-wide fear of a nuclear holocaust.
The danger lay in the American delusion that nuclear deterrence was enough.
By limiting American strength too much to nuclear strength, this country limited its ability to fight any kind of war besides a nuclear war.
This strategy heightened the possibility that we would have a nuclear war.
It also weakened our diplomatic stance, because Russia could easily guess we did not desire a nuclear war except in the ultimate extremity.
By maintaining the nuclear deterrent, but gearing American military forces to fight conventional wars too, Secretary of State Rusk junks bluff and nuclear brinkmanship and builds more muscle and greater safety into our military position.
A nuclear pacifier of these dimensions -- roughly some six and a half times bigger than anything the United States has triggered experimentally -- would certainly produce a bigger bang, and, just for kicks, Khrushchev might use it to propel the seminar of the house of delegates from St. Louis to the moon, where there wouldn't even be any beer to drink.
The Free Democrats ( 12 per cent of the vote ) believe a nuclear war can be avoided by negotiating with the Soviet Union, and more dealings with the Communist bloc.
This statement recalls the 1959 Berlin crisis, when President Eisenhower first told reporters that Berlin could not be defended with conventional weapons and then added that a nuclear defense was out of the picture too.
But far from being concerned about whether or not Russia will have achieved Utopia by 1980, the world is watching Moscow today primarily for clues as to whether or not there will be nuclear Armageddon in the immediate future.
He also demanded that Kennedy take additional measures to increase international tension: specifically to crush the Cuban revolution, resume nuclear testing, resist more vigorously admission of China to its lawful seat in the United Nations, and postpone non-military programs at home ''.
Kennedy knows the West will not wage war for West Berlin, neither conventional nor nuclear, and negotiations will come as certainly as the peace treaty.
The Soviet Union will fight neither a conventional nor a nuclear war over Berlin, and neither will its Warsaw Pact allies.
For the first time in history the entire world is dominated by two large, powerful nations armed with murderous nuclear weapons that make conventional warfare of the past a nullity.
The United States and Soviet Russia have enough nuclear weapons to destroy all nations.
Recent statements by well-known scientists regarding the destructive power of the newest nuclear bombs and the deadly fall-outs should be sufficient to still the voices of those who advocate nuclear warfare instead of negotiations.

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