Ask AI3: What is over?
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`` You mean you dragged your wife all over hell's half-acre looking for work ''??
Gavin's stallion was in the barn and he tightened the cinches over the saddle blanket, working by touch in the darkness, comforting the animal with easy words.
Clayton looped the reins in a knot over the veranda post and patted the warm flesh of his neck.
The silence oppressed him, made him bend low over the horse's neck as if to hide from a wind that had begun to blow far away and was twisting slowly through the darkness in its slow search.
The wan light spread over the ground and the valley revealed in the first glimmer the contours of trees and fences and palely shadowed gullies.
The clouds parted and hard gashes of sunlight swooped down to stain the earth with streaks of white and gold light so that the shadows of the running horses flowed like dark streams over the dazzling snow.
He looked over his shoulder at the thin dotting of pursuers.
The land over which he sped was the land he had created and lived in: his valley.
`` The main bunch is outside, but there are some over there inside the wall ''.
He hovered over her to shield her, for spent bullets were thudding against the rear walls.
And it's goin' to go on like this year after year until the white people take over this land ''.
Once we get over the mountains others will come along.
At first they were only feathers and dark indistinguishable faces and bodies, hunched over their horses' heads.
As he started to slump over, another warrior swung him onto his horse.
I saw the pony fall like a stone and the young warrior flew over its head, bouncing like a rubber ball.
the square head fell over.
Coming over the wall he had seemed like a hideous devil.
She glanced around the clearing, taking in the wagon and the load of supplies and trappings scattered over the ground, the two kids, the whiteface bull that was chewing its cud just within the far reaches of the firelight.
He stood on the porch and watched him struggling with the heavy harness, and finally went over to help him.
There were tracks of cattle all over his six hundred and forty acres.
When one of the men in the hall behind us spat on the floor and scraped his boot over the gob of spittle I noticed how the clerk winced.
) hung on a hook on the wall, and underneath it I could see his tie, knotted, ready to be slipped over his head, a black badge of frayed respectability that ought never to have left his neck.
Having nothing else to do except wait for my forms to be processed, I gave myself over to speculations concerning the hall itself.
Also the clerk appeared to disapprove of my frequent curious glances back over my shoulder.
Begging my pardon, he must express his astonishment over seeing a person of my background applying at the hall.

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