Ask AI3: What is physics?
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Is the future of psychology akin to the rich future of physics at the time of Newton??
Just as present technology had to await the explanations of physics, so one might expect that social invention will follow growing sociological understanding.
I believe that what I do has some effect on his actions and I have learned, in a way, to commune with drunks, but certainly my actions seem to resemble more nearly the performance of a rain dance than the carrying out of an experiment in physics.
In the physical sciences, these achievements concern electricity, chemistry, and atomic physics.
By distinguishing superlunary ( celestial ) and sublunary ( terrestrial ) existence, and reinforcing this with the four-element physics of Empedocles, Aristotle came to speak of the stars as perfect bodies, which moved in only a perfect way, viz. in a perfect circle.
To return now to the four-element physics, a mixture of muddy, frothy water will, when standing in a jar, separate out with earth at the bottom, water on top, and the air on top of that.
Milton was required to absorb and display an intensive and accurate knowledge of Latin grammar, logic-rhetoric, ethics, physics or natural philosophy, metaphysics, and Latin, Greek, and Hebrew.
The titles he could read easily through the criss-crossed wires: works on theology, astral physics, history, biology, political science.
Atomic physics
In addition to the basic programs in wavelength standards, spectroscopy, solid state physics, interactions of the free electron and atomic constants which are necessary to provide the foundation for technological progress, the Bureau has strengthened its activities in laboratory astrophysics.
While Hans devoted himself to the sciences of medicine, physics, and astronomy, his brother studied law.
In 1803 Oersted returned to Copenhagen and applied for the university's chair in physics but was rejected because he was probably considered more a philosopher than a physicist.
In 1806 his ambition was realized and he became professor of physics at the Copenhagen University, though not realizing full professorship ( ordinarius ) until 1817.
) Scientific systems, and this includes even the relation of mechanist to relativist physics, are built upon, refined and corrected.
Social theory has no more right to expect results from meaningless questions, than physics has the right to expect a theological solution to the wave-particle controversy.
Modern physics has developed the theory that all matter consists of minute waves of energy.
`` A person with a master's degree in physics, chemistry, math or English, yet who has not taken Education courses, is not permitted to teach in the public schools '', said Grover.
And if you should step inside of such a magnified atom, according to the physics of forty years ago, you would see circulating over your head, down at the sides, and under your feet, some twenty luminous balls about the size of footballs.
These keys are the working principles of physics, mathematics and astronomy, principles which are then extrapolated, or projected, to explain phenomena of which we have little or no direct knowledge.
His writings cover many subjects, including physics, metaphysics, poetry, theater, music, logic, rhetoric, linguistics, politics, government, ethics, biology, and zoology.
Aristotle's views on the physical sciences profoundly shaped medieval scholarship, and their influence extended well into the Renaissance, although they were ultimately replaced by Newtonian physics.
In physical science, Aristotle studied anatomy, astronomy, embryology, geography, geology, meteorology, physics and zoology.
* Aristotelian physics
Connes has applied his work in areas of mathematics and theoretical physics, including number theory, differential geometry and particle physics.

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