Ask AI3: What is power?
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His presence there, asleep in the grass, confirmed all that Mary Jane believed it was in his power to teach her: freedom from the tedium of needs such as hotels, the meaning of nature, how to live, simply, with the angels.
He was on the thin side, with big hands, and the kind of wrists that give away the power in forearm and bicep.
The terrible power of a gun, the thing that blasted the soul out of a living body, man or beast, was one he never wanted to lose.
Regardless of rights and wrongs, a population and an area appropriate to a pre-World-War- 1 great power have been, following conquest, ruled against their will by a neighboring people, and have had imposed upon them social and economic controls they dislike.
( That corpus of law was a reflection of the power system in existence during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
In its beginnings the nation-state had to struggle to assert itself -- internally, against feudal groups, and externally, against the power and influence of such other claimants for loyalty as the Church.
To him, law is the command of the sovereign ( the English monarch ) who personifies the power of the nation, while sovereignty is the power to make law -- i.e., to prevail over internal groups and to be free from the commands of other sovereigns in other nations.
These fundamental ideas -- the indivisibility of sovereignty and its dual ( internal-external ) aspects -- still remain the core of that concept of ultimate political power.
The nation-state, then, exemplifies the principle of nationalism and exercises sovereignty: supreme power over domestic affairs and independence from outside control.
the Safavids fell from power ; ;
This right of the State, its upholders contended, was essential to maintain the federal balance and protect the liberty of the people from the danger of centralizing power in the Union government.
It made substantially the same division of power between the central and state governments, and among the executive, legislative and judicial branches.
Consitutional government, popular vote, trial by jury, public education, labor unions, cooperatives, communes, socialized ownership, world courts, and the veto power in world councils are but a few examples.
As Lipton, the prophet of the beat generation, declares: `` In the sexual act, the beat are filled with mana, the divine power.
The artistic interest, then, lies in what the encounter may be made to represent, in the power of some central significance to draw the details into relevance and meaningfulness.
For both Plato and Aristotle artistic mimesis, in contrast to the power of dialectic, is relatively incapable of expressing the character of fundamental reality.
Following the theme of Incarnation in the Gospels, the Christian artist and critic sees in the most commonplace and ordinary events `` figures '' of divine power and reality.
It takes a great deal of abstraction to free oneself from the primitive impression of larger unities of power and influence and to view one's world simply as a collection of sense data arranged in such and such sequence and pattern, devoid of all power to move the feelings and actions except in so far as they present themselves for inspection.
In scope and power it can only be compared to Tolstoy's War And Peace.
To carry out this exalted conception the author has combined the vivid realism and imaginative power we have noticed in his early poetry and carried them out on a grand scale.
And the common man was developing mythic power, or charisma, on his own.
Certainly external forces should not be applied arbitrarily out of mere power available to do so.
In truth, we can say that this broke the power of Senator Joseph McCarthy, who was finally exposed in full light to the American people.

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