Ask AI3: What is protest?
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The trouble was that he had virtually had to protest.
Hieronymus, like Piepsam, makes his protest quite in vain, and his rejection, though not fatal, is ridiculous and humiliating ; ;
She was pious, too, once kneeling through the night from Holy Thursday to Good Friday, despite the protest of the nuns that this was too much for a young girl.
Bad relations between England and Flanders brought hard times to the shepherds scattered over the dales and downs as well as to the crowded Flemish cities, and while the English, so far, had done no more than grumble, Othon had seen what the discontent might lead to, for before he left the Low Countries the citizens of Ghent had risen in protest against the expense of supporting Edward and his troops, and the regular soldiers had found it unexpectedly difficult to put down the nasty little riot that ensued.
Without really changing the general subject, I take this opportunity to confess that I am troubled by doubts, not only about pacifism, but also when asked to join in the protest against a law that most of those who consider themselves humane and liberal seem to regard as obviously barbarous ; ;
That this and the closing of the East Berlin-West Berlin border have not been accepted by the Western governments appears in notes which Britain, France, and the United States sent to Moscow after the latter's gratuitous protest over a visit of Chancellor Adenauer and other West German officials to West Berlin.
There remains, of course, the question of what the West can do beyond diplomatic protest to prevent the illegal efforts from becoming accomplished facts.
Of course, in this small way of forcing the people to watch as tiny and innocent and dependent creatures die because we're afraid to feed them and afraid to protest and say, `` How come??
But it had largely disappeared on account of protest by the whites and through growing resentment on the part of the Negroes as they became more educated and got better wages.
Good wages, patronage and subscription of various kinds stopped open protest from Negroes.
They had let this black hole of death in Warsaw's heart exist without a cry of protest.
There was the suggestion of ice water, and -- in spite of the protest `` We're not really thirsty '' -- Linda Kay, to escape the stuffy air and the smothering soft voices, hurried to the kitchen.
He opened it a crack and in doing so made as much shuffling, coughing, and scraping noise as possible in order to drown emanations from the hen who had begun to protest.
During the nineteenth century these views were protested by virtually all the Latin American writers, though ineffectively, just as the new nations of Africa and Asia protest them, with more effect, today.
The last two writers introduce strong political bias into their works, and not unlike the union leaders that we will discuss soon, see folklore as a reservoir of protest by a downtrodden and publically silenced mass.
And the rebellion of these third generation Jews is not the traditional conflict of culture but, rather, a protest against a culture that they view as softly and insidiously enveloping.
In the end Hough's acidulous protest, which Parker called the `` now somewhat famous note on this ' Selden ' case '', did not go unheeded.
What I find appalling -- and really dangerous -- is the American assumption that the Negro is so contented with his lot here that only the cynical agents of a foreign power can rouse him to protest.
In any case, anyone who fails to make significant distinction between primary and secondary applications of economic pressure would in principle already have justified that use of economic boycott as a means which broke out a few years ago or was skillfully organized by White Citizens' Councils in the entire state of Mississippi against every local Philco dealer in that state, in protest against a Philco-sponsored program over a national TV network on which was presented a drama showing, it seemed, a `` high yellow gal '' smooching with a white man.
Hong Kong interests loudly protest limiting their exports to Britain, while Spanish and Portuguese textiles pour into British market unrestrictedly.
There were many letters of strong protest against the portrait of the Anglican clergyman, who was indeed portrayed as a man not particularly concerned with religious matters and without really very much to do as clergyman.
Somewhere in Mrs. Reavey's play there is both protest and aspiration of merit.
Swiftly, came the revulsion, the protest.
* 1894 – Coxey's Army reaches Washington, D. C. to protest the unemployment caused by the Panic of 1893.
* 1963 – The Bristol Bus Boycott is held in Bristol to protest the Bristol Omnibus Company's refusal to employ Black or Asian bus crews, drawing national attention to racial discrimination in the United Kingdom.

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