Ask AI3: What is respect?
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With all respect to a fine young man, Mr. Roy is not able to provide these necessaries ''.
All seven combined ardent devotion to the cause of revolution with a profound respect for legality.
The situation with regard to our attitude and `` control '' of disease contains close analogies to problems confronting us with respect to people.
In this respect experience is broader and full of a richer variety of potential meanings than the mind of man or any of his arts or culture are capable of making clear and distinct.
So we must first analyze our present institutions with respect to the effect of each on man's major needs.
If we want respect from ourselves or others, we will have to earn it.
It is testimony to the deep respect in which Mr. Eisenhower was held by members of all parties that the moral considerations raised by his approach to the matter were not explicitly to be broached.
All we want from Dr. Huxley's statement is the feeling that this is an open world, in the view of the best scientific opinion, with practically no directional commitments as to what may happen next, and no important confinements with respect to what may be possible.
In any inquiry into the way in which great literature affects the emotions, particularly with respect to the sense of harmony, or relief of tension, or sense of `` a transformed inner nature '' which may occur, a most careful exploration of the particular feature of the experience which produces the effect would be required.
Your self-control in this respect will be the only witness to your understanding of what I am saying.
To help him do so The Prince had conferred control of his land forces on a soldier who was different from him in almost every respect save one: both were eccentrics of the purest ray serene.
The Acropolis had been scheduled for the treatment too, but apparently it was to take place at the time of the full moon when the Athenians themselves, out of respect for the natural beauty of the occasion, were wont to forgo their own usual nocturnal illumination.
Gorton left England, he said, `` to enjoy libertie of conscience in respect to faith towards God, and for no other end ''.
There is indeed a moral responsibility on man himself, for his own soul's sake, to respect lower life and to avoid the infliction of suffering, but this viewpoint Schweitzer rejects.
Thus science is the savior of mankind, and in this respect Childhood's End only blueprints in greater detail the vision of the future which, though not always so directly stated, has nevertheless been present in the minds of most science-fiction writers.
In this respect, his approach to poetry-and-jazz is in marked contrast to Kenneth Rexroth's.
Less respect for the legal conventions was displayed by Castro's right hand man, Che Guevara, who edified the Inter-American Economic and Social council meeting in Montevideo by reading two secret American documents purloined from the United States embassy at Caracas, Venezuela.
This is a matter of respect for the Presidency.
Mr. Eisenhower's New York speech does not encourage respect for that or for his elder statesmanship.
While I respect his sincere concern for peace, he made four points that I would like to question.
To achieve this destiny, acts as well as words are needed -- not only acts that lead to physical strength but also acts that lead to strength based on right doing and respect.
How can we old-fashioned parents, who still feel that adults are due some respect from children, battle the new type of advertising that appears on TV without denying the children the use of television entirely??
and, though he repeated, over and over again, the spectacular figures of industrial and agricultural production in 1980, the `` ordinary '' people in Russia are still a little uncertain as to how `` communism '' is really going to work in practice, especially in respect of food.
He laughed, suddenly, feeling a surge of power telling him of his hold over them, seeing himself before them, receiving utmost respect and attention.
How can we have a good city unless we respect morality ''??

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