Ask AI3: What is slaughter?
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Red man or white man, pacifist or killer, the forest would accept them all -- knowing that it could thrive equally well on slaughter and beneficence ; ;
The Commissioners at Boston wrote the victims to see their misdeeds and repent or they should `` look upon them as men prepared for slaughter ''.
Discontinue medication 48 hours before slaughter.
Do not feed to dairy cows and do not feed within 60 days of slaughter.
The basic objectives in each instance are to make available supplies of food during the intervals between harvesting or slaughter, to minimize losses resulting from the action of microorganisms and insects, and to make it possible to transport foods from the area of harvest or production to areas of consumption.
he wasn't going to allow himself to be led meekly to the slaughter.
He ran his string of successful conversions this season to 13 straight before one went astray last Saturday night in the 41-8 slaughter of Washington State.
Brooding about future wars, the Field Marshal has this to say: `` The Asian fighting man is at least equally brave ( as the white ), usually more careless of death, less encumbered by mental doubts, less troubled by humanitarian sentiment, and not so moved by slaughter and mutilation around him.
The war had begun with a Mexican slaughter of American soldiers in territory disputed by Mexico and the US ; Polk insisted that Mexican soldiers had " invaded our territory and shed the blood of our fellow-citizens on our own soil ".
The Thebans sent a large army into Thessaly to rescue Pelopidas, but they could not keep the field against the superior cavalry of Alexander, who, aided by auxiliaries from Athens, pursued them with great slaughter.
The result was slaughter and defeat for the Romans.
The result was mass slaughter of the Romans, and the destruction of 3 legions.
These texts strongly condemn the slaughter of animals and meat eating.
Even the loopholes – ritual slaughter and hunting – were challenged by advocates of ahimsa.
The Mahabharata and the Manusmṛti ( 5. 27 – 55 ) contain lengthy discussions about the legitimacy of ritual slaughter.
The defenders of hunting and ritual slaughter asserted that lawful violence is in fact non-violence ; according to them sacrificial killing is not killing, but is meant for the welfare of the whole world.
Those who permit slaying of animals ; those who bring animals for slaughter ; those who slaughter ; those who sell meat ; those who purchase meat ; those who prepare dish out of it ; those who serve that meat and those who eat are all murderers.
In modern Hinduism slaughter according to the rituals permitted in the Vedic scriptures has become less common, though, the world's largest animal sacrifice occurs at Gadhimai, a Hindu festival which takes place every 5 years.
True Christian believers are sheep among wolves, sheep for the slaughter ...
This is not a hunt but a mass slaughter ... an outmoded tradition that has no acceptable justification in today's world ".
In her 1999 book Le Carré de Pluton (" Pluto's Square "), Bardot criticizes the procedure used in the ritual slaughter of sheep during the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha.
The French had repulsed every attack with heavy slaughter, but many had seen what had happened on the plain and what its consequences to them would be ; their army was routed and they were cut off.
" Our dragoons ," wrote John Deane, " pushing into the village … made terrible slaughter of the enemy.
4 ) 4th / Isa 52: 13 – 53: 12 The suffering of the servant ; how despite his innocence the servant was oppressed “ like a lamb that is led to the slaughter ,” but his suffering is surrogate like a scapegoat.

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