Ask AI3: What is snips?
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Brief snips of actual events were shown: parades, dances, street scenes.
As well as the heavy adze, broad axe, wooden mallets and wedges, the craftsman had steel tools such as anvils, files, snips, awls, augers, gouges, draw knife, knives, including folding knives, chisels and small 300 mm long bow saws with antler handles.
In " London: A Social History ", Roy Porter describes " Victorian villas in ... Kennington, long debased by use as lodging-houses, were transformed into luxury flats for young professionals or snips for first-time buyers — or were repossessed by the class of family for whom they had first been built ..."; and " Chambers London Gazetteer " observes the " reuniting of formerly subdivided properties " as " decline is being reversed ".
These are the flat chisel, the most widely known type, which is used to cut bars and rods to reduce surfaces and to cut sheet metal which is too thick or difficult to cut with tin snips.
* snips
For these worms, diagnosis relies upon skin snips, and can be carried out at any time.
During the breeding season, males have a zigzagging flight display accompanied by regular " zitting " calls that has been likened to repeated snips of a scissor.
Matmos gained notoriety for their use of samples including " freshly cut hair " and " the amplified neural activity of crayfish " on their first album and " recorded the snips, clicks, snaps, and squelches of various surgical procedures, then nipped and tucked them into seven remarkably accessible, melodic pieces of experimental techno " for their album A Chance to Cut Is a Chance to Cure.
A single-nucleotide polymorphism ( SNP, pronounced snip ; plural snips ) is a DNA sequence variation occurring when a single nucleotide — A, T, C or G — in the genome ( or other shared sequence ) differs between members of a biological species or paired chromosomes in an individual.
comedy channel, but only in small snips lasting around 5 to 15 minutes.
Another type operates similar to tin snips, but shears the sheet along two parallel tracks 3 – 6 mm apart, rolling up the waste in a tight spiral as it cuts.
" He then ties Elmer's shotgun into a bowtie ( no dialogue is heard from this point onwards until the end ) and snips off Elmer's pants suspender buttons.
* Tin snips
May appear as a solid color, with snips of white on nose and / or front paws, or Dutch marked.
" Sæglópur " has been used as a backing tune for the BBC's advertising campaign for the 2006 Wimbledon Championships, while snips of " Sæglópur ", " Milanó ", " Gong ", and " Svo hljótt " appeared in Top Gear.
In the United Kingdom and Ireland, diagonal pliers are commonly referred to as snips, and in Australia and Canada they are often referred to as side cutters.
She suggests that he " lay down the law ", and when one of the boys snips the phone cord, Marge assumes that Ned has hung up and that everything is fine.
In addition to the big shears anchored in a hole in his bench he used hand snips and nippers for cutting.
* Other hand tools like pliers, tin snips, vise grips, punches, chisels, etc.
Various types of snips and shears are used for different metals and thicknesses.
Certain types of snips and shears are recommended for aviation metalworking.

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