Ask AI3: What is tolerance?
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As a stanch party man and a rabid Democrat, he had little tolerance for Whigs like Pike, and Pike lost any immediate personal advantage his victory over Woodruff might have gained him.
A variety of data are assembled to bear upon such alleged changes as diminished puritan morality, work-success ethic, individualism, achievement, lessened emphasis on future-time orientation in favor of sociability, moral relativism, consideration and tolerance, conformity, hedonistic present-time orientation.
Now, under the impact of his wife's disclosures, he was brought suddenly to the realization that there was a limit to tolerance, however brilliant, however far-famed the offender might be.
Moreover, tolerance by us of such practices results in serious waste and diversion of aid resources and in the long run generates anti-American sentiment of a kind peculiarly damaging to our political interest.
Since the magnitude of the plan made secrecy impossible, once the wheels had began to turn, persons controlling German industries, social institutions, and armed forces became, through their anti-Semitism or their tolerance of it, conscious accomplices of Hitler's crimes ; ;
Again, India has imposed formidable barriers against the entrance of additional missionaries, and fanatical Hindu parties are expected to seek further action against Christians once the influence making for tolerance due to Nehru and his followers is gone.
I felt more cheerful, as if I had had a part in bringing her through to a greater tolerance of herself.
As for the night being warm, he would have been comfortable naked on Mount Everest but his water brothers had little tolerance for changes in temperature and pressure ; ;
The Declaration's emphasis on freedom and equality for all, in contrast to the Constitution's tolerance of slavery, shifted the debate.
The only predators with some tolerance to the poison are certain populations of common garter snake ( Thamnophis sirtalis ).
In Continental philosophy ( particularly phenomenology and existentialism ), there is much greater tolerance of ambiguity, as it is generally seen as an integral part of the human condition.
* Ambiguity tolerance
Wheat's adaptation to allow aluminium tolerance is such that the aluminium induces a release of organic compounds that bind to the harmful aluminium cations.
Sorghum is believed to have the same tolerance mechanism.
The first gene for aluminium tolerance has been identified in wheat.
It was shown that sorghum's aluminium tolerance is controlled by a single gene, as for wheat.
Schweitzer, the pastor's son, grew up in this exceptional environment of religious tolerance, and developed the belief that true Christianity should always work towards a unity of faith and purpose.
In October 2009, when visiting Yerevan, the World Bank ’ s managing director, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, warned that Armenia will not reach a higher level of development unless its leadership changes the " oligopolistic " structure of the national economy, bolsters the rule of law and shows " zero tolerance " towards corruption.
Eli Whitney is sometimes credited with developing the armory system of manufacturing in 1801, using the ideas of division of labor, engineering tolerance, and interchangeable parts to create assemblies from parts in a repeatable manner.
Ashoka was a devotee of ahimsa ( nonviolence ), love, truth, tolerance and vegetarianism.
Many of Alcott's educational principles are still used in classrooms today, including " teach by encouragement ", art education, music education, acting exercises, learning through experience, risk-taking in the classroom, tolerance in schools, physical education / recess, and early childhood education.
In order to keep the cytotoxic cells from killing cells just for presenting self-proteins, self-reactive T cells are deleted from the repertoire as a result of tolerance ( also known as negative selection ).
These antigens should, under normal conditions, not be the target of the immune system, but, due to mainly genetic and environmental factors, the normal immunological tolerance for such an antigen has been lost in these patients.
To be all-encompassing AA's ideology places an emphasis on tolerance rather than on a narrow religious world view that could make the organization unpalatable to potential members and thereby limit its effectiveness.
Dosing of all opioids may be limited by opioid toxicity ( confusion, respiratory depression, myoclonic jerks and pinpoint pupils ), seizures ( tramadol ), but there is no dose ceiling in patients who accumulate tolerance.

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