Ask AI3: What is wars?
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More of an agricultural nation, they have relied on their warriors only for defense and for survival in the endless wars of the plains.
The fact is due mainly to international wars, both hot and cold.
To the men in the instrument-jammed bomber cockpits, submarine compartments and the antiseptic, windowless rooms that would be the foxholes of tomorrow's impersonal intercontinental wars, the questions seem farfetched.
Meanwhile, the experts speak of wars triggered by `` false pre-emption '', `` escalation '', `` unauthorized behavior '' and other terms that will be discussed in this report.
If he is the child of nothingness, if he is the predestined victim of an age of atomic wars, then he will consult only his own organic needs and go beyond good and evil.
If only for this modest masterpiece of military history, Blenheim is likely to be read and reread long after newer interpretations have perhaps altered our picture of the Marlborough wars.
Boniface had to uphold the sacredness of the feudal contract at all costs, for it was only as suzerain of Sicily and of the Patrimony of Peter that he had any justification for his Italian wars, but in the English-Scottish-French triangle it was almost impossible for him to recognize the claims of any one of the contestants without seeming to invalidate those of the other two.
By maintaining the nuclear deterrent, but gearing American military forces to fight conventional wars too, Secretary of State Rusk junks bluff and nuclear brinkmanship and builds more muscle and greater safety into our military position.
As wars go, Laos is an extremely little one.
Does it attempt to rewrite modern history by blaming American statesmen for wars, Communism, depression, and other troubles of the world??
The Chinese, North Vietnamese and North Koreans, on the other hand, feel that, militarily, Russia is strong enough to support them in the `` just wars of liberation '' they would like to embark on before long: with China attacking Formosa and the North Koreans and North Vietnamese liberating the southern half of their respective countries.
And he would sleep, sleep, and never think of roads and horses' sore haunches, of colonial wars.
the present-day explorations of outer space, answering age-old questions of science and philosophy, in the face of possible wars of extinction.
for example, the Crusades, mission efforts, just wars.
Secondly, to find a learned diversion and a pleasing joke in More's account of the stupid brutalities of early sixteenth century wars, of the anguish of the poor and dispossessed, of the insolence and cruelty of the rich and powerful requires a callousness toward suffering and sin that would be surprising in a moral imbecile and most surprising in More himself.
We are acutely aware that yours is a society which, in spite of several wars and many privations, has developed itself into one of the foremost nations of the world.
The cubist generation before World War 1,, and, on a lower level, the surrealists of the period between the wars, both assumed an accepted universe of discourse, in which, to quote Andre Breton, it was possible to make definite advances, exactly as in the sciences.
He had first-hand knowledge of the patent wars which had driven about ninety per cent of the milling equipment makers out of business in the mid-1890's.
The Chickasaws finally were the occasion for the most disastrous wars during the French control of Louisiana.
) Lumumba further complicated the U.N.'s mission by initiating small `` wars '' with the secessionist province of Katanga and with South Kasai which, under Albert Kalonji, wanted to secede as well.
Meanwhile Russia took every opportunity to meddle in the Congo, sending Lumumba equipment for his `` wars '', dispatching `` technicians '' and even threatening, on occasion, to intervene openly.
Brooding about future wars, the Field Marshal has this to say: `` The Asian fighting man is at least equally brave ( as the white ), usually more careless of death, less encumbered by mental doubts, less troubled by humanitarian sentiment, and not so moved by slaughter and mutilation around him.
If Mr. Kennan is sometimes a little somber in his appraisals, if his analysis of how Western diplomacy met the challenge of an era of great wars and social revolutions is often critical and pessimistic -- well, the record itself is not too encouraging.
To `` Monty '', the American people, who in two previous world wars were very reluctant to join the fight, `` now look like the nation most likely to lead us all into a third World War ''.
He filled a real need, showing society what it looked like, turning it inside out, portraying its wars and its leaders, its ugliness and its beauties, reflecting its profound religious impulses.

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