Ask AI3: What is wrong?
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`` Anything wrong, cap'n??
`` You're wrong, Matt.
But you're wrong about the rest of it.
`` What's wrong with him ''??
It was the wrong thing to say.
But you're all wrong, man!!
He, McBride, would be cited as in the wrong, and he, Lord, would go scot-free, an officer who had only done his duty, though perhaps too energetically.
The fact that Jess's horse had not been returned to its stall could indicate that Diane's information had been wrong, but Curt didn't interpret it this way.
The very fact that they came so near to winning by the wrong method, war, led directly to their losing both the war and the wrong thing they fought for, since it forced Lincoln to free their slaves as a military measure.
There was a divine justice in one wrong thus undoing another.
The horrifying humor, the specifically sexual embarrassment of the joke gone wrong, the monstrous image of the fat man dressed up as a whore dressing up as a baby ; ;
There is only one catch to this idyllic arrangement: Adam Smith was wrong.
Women themselves have come to look upon matters in the same light as the outside world, and scarcely find any wrong in submitting to the importunities of a stronger will, even when their affections are withheld.
We had stopped before a shop window to assess its autumnal display, when you suddenly turned to me, looking up from beneath one of your wrong hats, and with your nervous `` ahem ''!!
As was only natural he confided his searchings to Ann, conceding ruefully that it certainly looked as if their own Congregationalists were wrong and the Baptists right.
It is possible that the study of literature affects the conscience, the morality, the sensitivity to some code of `` right '' and `` wrong ''.
Still, it would be surprising if what one reads did not contribute to one's ideas of right and wrong ; ;
To give a patient the wrong type of blood, said the doctor, would likely kill him.
I found myself becoming one of that group of people who, in Carlyle's words, `` are forever gazing into their own navels, anxiously asking ' Am I right, am I wrong ' ''??
It usually turned out well for him because either he liked the right people or there were only a few wrong people in the town.
He was convinced that George Orwell's 1984 was nearly all wrong as it applied to England, which was `` driving forward into uncharted waters '', with the danger of a new tyranny ahead.
What is wrong with advertising is not only that it is an `` outrage, an assault on people's mental privacy '' or that it is a major cause for a wasteful economy of abundance or that it contains a coercive tendency ( which is closer to the point ).
I would, however, like to suggest that, wrong though I may be, the tendency to see dilemmas rather than solutions is one of which I have been a victim ever since I can remember, and therefore not merely a senile phenomenon.
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