Ask AI3: What is zaftig?
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In the words of author Thomas Doherty, " For American popular culture, the image of the zaftig FBI director as a Christine Jorgensen wanna-be was too delicious not to savor ”.
The zoot suit-clad Fleegle was a native of Brooklyn, and his burlesque New York accent was unmistakable — especially when addressing his " goil ," the zaftig Shoiley.
Drag Ball St. Louis was created by Khrystal Leight, a zaftig Bette Midler impersonator from St. Louis, to entertain and raise awareness of the art form of female impersonation in local and regional college campuses throughout the Midwest.
While she still strongly resembles the zaftig Maggie readers have grown used to, from some angles she now sports a double chin or bags beneath her eyes.

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