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Who am I?

I am a hacker, a self-employed programmer, an open-source advocate, a scientist, and an independent security researcher.

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Photos of Berlin, DE in January

During January 2-10, I only had to work a few hours and the rest of the time I could spend on my own interests. I worked on a few new projects and looked around the city a bit more.

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Photos of Berlin, DE on New Years

New Years is a special holiday for Berlin. Parties are quite numerous and the number of fireworks set off must be incredible. I have 2 videos of the midnight fireworks at Unter den Linden at Videos.

I wrote the last code for my SSH Bruteforce Virus and uploaded it to my site. This was important to me because I cared ...

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Photos of Berlin, DE before 24C3 around Christmas

My favorite Weinachten Markt

Christmas in Berlin is known as Weinachten. It's a festive time where people hang out in great number downtown and have good fun for the whole family. The markets (markts) are very busy and interesting each with their own unique attraction. The carnival rides were way too dangerous for me to consider riding. I listened ...

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