Photos of Berlin, DE on New Years

New Years is a special holiday for Berlin. Parties are quite numerous and the number of fireworks set off must be incredible. I have 2 videos of the midnight fireworks at Unter den Linden at Videos.

I wrote the last code for my SSH Bruteforce Virus and uploaded it to my site. This was important to me because I cared a lot about the Virus for this trip. I had planned to release it at the 24C3, but I was incredibly ill during the 24C3, so I could barely type a line of code.

It snowed Jan 1st and you can see it was a nice thin layer. That was the start of a cold snap that made it unbearable to go outside for a few days. Though it was 0°ree;C the windchill which pierced even my capeline made it much colder.