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Getting Cheap Air Fare to Japan

by Joel R. Voss aka. Javantea
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April 2, 2006

Street Price

So you want to go to Japan. We have something in common. I planned ahead and from what I hear, I got a good deal on air fare. Here's what I did: I checked the number in the window at STA. It says $600 roundtrip to Tokyo. So that is my goal.

Internet Price

I then look on Travelocity and it's competitor Expedia. If you have found other sites to be useful, feel free to check there. Instead of checking for flights this month, check for flights next month. A good rule of thumb is to be flexible, but when asked specifically, give the date that is specifically 1 month from today's date.

For example, a quick search on Travelocity for Seattle to Tokyo May-June returns United to have the price of $444.00+. They have departure dates of May 1 and 2 only. They have no return dates, so this flight plan is a failure. You have to try another flight.

The second United flight is $604+. It leaves May 14 and returns June 2-11. If you want to stay a month or stay a week, this is a decent price. Beware that the price of $604 is not actually correct. The end price includes tax, massive fees and such. In the end, this price of $604 will be closer to $700.


If you want a cheaper price, try STA Travel or your local travel agent. My travel agent was AA Travel, which is a brick and mortar only travel agent in Seattle. I recommend them completely to anyone in Seattle. Please look them up in the Yellow Pages. They were able to give me a 1 month round trip ticket to Japan for $670 after taxes and fees.


The travel agents there are all very nice and speak many Asian languages fluently. My travel agent asked "大学 です か?" I completely failed the test. The the correct answer to my travel agent's question is "いええ 私 わ サラリーマン です." which would have produced great laughter.


This article is much simpler than it seems that it should be. If you want to travel, see your travel agent or try the web. I'll add more information to this article when I get more information.

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