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Learn Kanji Quickly - Level 3 - Part 1

by Joel R. Voss aka. Javantea
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April 2, 2006


I organized half of Level 3. It uses a nice table system. It is being reorganized for mnemonics. Currently, this can be used for learning and to aide reading of Weekly Jump Manga using the Romanji. However, Kanji Dictionary could probably do a better, more thorough job. But the idea is to be able to be able to learn these. A good use is to read this everyday when you do not have the patience to read a manga and lookup every kanji. In a matter of time, a person can learn these and then read the manga more easily. For example, I could go through these and pick out the ones I know and want to know. I put the ones I know in a table at the bottom to go over and quickly look at when reading manga. I put the ones I want to learn in organized tables so that I can associate them together.

Learn Idea Verbs
KanjiHiraganaRomanjiEnglish Description
有るあるaruv5r(uk) to be; to have;
仕えるつかえるtsukaeruv1) to serve; to work for;
買うかうkauv5u) to buy;
始めるはじめるhajimeruv1,vt) to start; to begin;
使うつかうtsukauv5u) to use; to handle; to manipulate; to employ;
答えるこたえるkotaeruv1) to answer; to reply
問うとうtouv5u) to ask; to question;
別れるわかれるwakareruv1) to be divided; to part from; to separate;
用いるもちいるmochiiruv1) to use; to make use of;
教えるおしえるoshieruv1) to teach; to inform; to instruct;
考えるかんがえるkangaeruv1) to consider;
知るしるshiruv5r) to know; to understand; to be acquainted with; to feel;
思うおもうomouv5u) to think; to feel;
止すよすyosuv5s) to cease; to abolish; to resign; to give up; (P)
Learn Action Verbs
KanjiHiraganaRomanjiEnglish Description
飲むのむnomuv5m) to drink;
動くうごくugokuv5k,vi) to move
走るはしるhashiruv5r) to run;
運ぶはこぶhakobuv5b) to transport;
帰るかえるkaeruv5r) to go back; to go home; to come home; to return;
立つたつtatsuv5t) to stand; to erect; to be erected; to rise; to be built;
努めるつとめるtsutomeruv1) to exert oneself; to make great effort; to try hard;
歩むあゆむayumuv5m) to walk; to go on foot;
起きるおきるokiruv1) to get up; to rise;
着るきるkiruv1) to wear; to put on (from shoulders down);
去るさるsaruv5r) to leave; to go away;
待つまつmatsuv5t) to wait;
持つもつmotsuv5t) to hold; to possess; to carry;
違うちがうchigauv5u) to differ (from);
汚すよごすyogov5s) to make dirty;
解くとくtokuv5k) to solve; to answer; to untie;
殴るなぐるnaguv5r) to strike; to hit
飼育しいくshi ikun,vs) breeding; raising; rearing
Learn Adverbs
KanjiHiraganaRomanjiEnglish Description
真にまことにmakotoniadv) truly; actually; really
特にとくにtokuniadv) particularly; especially;
Learn Colors
KanjiHiraganaRomanjiEnglish Description
青いあおいaoiadj) blue; pale; green; unripe; inexperienced;
赤いあかいakaiadj) red;
いろiron) colour;
ぎんginn(1) silver; silver coin; silver paint;
くろkuron) black; dark;
Learn Times
KanjiHiraganaRomanjiEnglish Description
あきakin-adv) autumn; fall;
ふゆfuyun-adv,n-t) winter;
はるharun-adv,n-t) spring;
なつnatsun-adv,n-t) summer;
あさasan-adv,n-t) morning;
ひるhirun-adv,n-t) noon; daytime;
ゆうyuun-adv,n-suf,n-t) evening;
よるyorun-adv,n-t) evening; night;
曜日ようびyoubin) day of the week;
ときdokin-adv,n) time; hour; occasion;
しゅうshuun,n-suf) week;
先週せんしゅうsenshuu(n-adv,n-t) last week; the week before;
Learn Nouns
KanjiHiraganaRomanjiEnglish Description
そら, くうsora, kuun) sky;
しつshitsun,n-suf) room;
ちゃchan) tea;
ふみfumin) letter; writings;
chin,n-suf) earth;
shin,n-suf) death; decease
ことkoton) thing; matter; fact;
ものmonon) thing; object;
yon) world; society; age; generation;
世界せかいsekain) the world; society; the universe;
十代じゅうだいjuudain) the teens (10-19); teenage; the tenth generation
かぜkazen) wind; breeze;
英語えいごeigon) the English language;
みやこmiyakon) capital; metropolis
fuun; non; negative prefix
うおuon) fish;
にくnikun) meat;
めしmeshin(sl) meals; food;
とりtorin) bird; fowl; poultry;
やしきyashikin) house; shop
売りうりurin,n-suf) sale; selling
どうdoun) the same; the said; ibid.;
しゅshun(one's) master; (our) lord;
はなhanan) flower;
せいsein(logical) true; regular;
まち, ちょうmachi, choun) town; street; road;
かえるkaerun) frog;
san) help;
新聞しんぶんshin bunn) newspaper;
都会とかいtokain) city;
呪いのろいnoroin) a curse; a charm;
あいだaidan-adv,n-t) space; interval
ためtamen) good; advantage; benefit;
さくkinoupref) last (year); yesterday;
犯人はんにんhannin(n) offender; criminal
shin) city;
ぎ, にせgi, niseadj-na,n) imitation; lie; falsehood; (logical) false; deception
Learn Body Parts
KanjiHiraganaRomanjiEnglish Description
ふくfukun,n-suf) clothes;
からだkaradan) body; health;
くちkuchin) mouth; orifice; opening;
men) eye; eyeball;
しんshinn) core; heart; wick; marrow;
ものmonon) person;
ten) hand;
あしashin) foot; pace; gait; leg;
Learn People
KanjiHiraganaRomanjiEnglish Description
わたしwatashiadj-no,n) I; myself; private affairs;
ぼくbokun) I (masc); manservant;
あにanin(hum) older brother;
あねanen(hum) older sister;
いもうとimouton(hum) younger sister;
だいdain) younger brother;
おやoyan) parents;
Learn Adjectives
KanjiHiraganaRomanjiEnglish Description
明るいあかるいakaruiadj) bright; cheerful;
悪いわるいwaruiadj) bad; inferior;
安いやすいyasuiadj,n) cheap; inexpensive; peaceful; quiet; gossipy; thoughtless;
少ないすくないsukunaiadj) few; a little;
早いはやいhayaiadj) early;
楽しいたのしいtanoshiiadj) enjoyable; fun;
強いつよいtsuyoiadj) strong; powerful; mighty; potent;
多いおおいooiadj) many; numerous;
恐いこわいkowaadj) frightening; eerie
おつotsuadj-na,n) strange; quaint; stylish; chic; spicy; queer; witty; tasty; romantic;
だからdakaraconj,n) so; therefore;
はつhatsu, shoadj-no,n,n-suf) first; new; (P)