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100 Thoughts Thought Tonight

by Joel R. Voss aka. Javantea
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April 23, 2006 23:33 JST

  1. I'm on a tear.
  2. I should bring my umbrella.
  3. The rain is very odd. Ame ga furetta.
  4. But the raindrops only strike when you move, not when you're standing still.
  5. Should I go to the strip or maybe I should go North. Ue. Kita.
  6. Hmm, left or right, migi to hidari. migi to hidari.
  7. I like Ueno. I-i-i-whatever it's name is. It's pretty residential though.
  8. Toto and Lulu.
  9. I guess it wouldn't hurt to stop by.
  10. Those CDs are full price.
  11. They have Gunnm Last Order set for way cheap.
  12. I love this store.
  13. Ah that manga that I still can't pronounce.
  14. I guess I could pronounce it if I tried.
  15. GTO. They don't have any high numbers for GTO.
  16. It must be popular with the used manga crowd.
  17. Oh I like this section.
  18. Sections are ordered by publisher, strange.
  19. Evangelion. 3 volumes for 600 yen.
  20. I'm going to buy it. I might as well buy it tonight.
  21. I think it'd be a good investment. The book will allow me to understand what's really going on.
  22. This one looks violent. Maybe good. Japan.
  23. I buy any manga that has a single word of English on it.
  24. I'm such a ham. Tofu.
  25. I'll remember this trip whenever I look through it.
  26. Wow, a few rows of Conan-kun. Ah, they have two of number 1.
  27. That will allow me to understand what's really going on.
  28. And I won't deprive any youngster of #1. In case they come in.
  29. Kore o kudasai.
  30. Now I have 5 dollars in change. 500 yen that is.
  31. This is what every day and every night should be like.
  32. Man I'm doing well tonight.
  33. I only call it the strip because I can't remember the word street. Dori.
  34. Back to the strip then.
  35. Sumimasen.
  36. I went left then right. One day I'll get myself run over. rekishi. history.
  37. Hitori.
  38. Ah kono menu.
  39. Ah, eto, kono yasai.
  40. Eto nan nani kono yasai wa nani desu ka?
  41. Ah salada.
  42. Eto. Kono ku-pi, ku-pa. okudasai.
  43. Arigatou.
  44. Those people are really nice. They keep chanting nande nande nande.
  45. This place is Korean. I wonder what's up with the hats.
  46. Ah, they're chaning nomi nomi nomi.
  47. Wait, no they're chanting nande. Maybe nomi.
  48. I don't know how to eat this. I don't know how to ask how to eat this.
  49. Dou kono meshi taberu ka? I would sound like an oaf.
  50. Hmm, it's just soup and salad.
  51. Damn this is good. What in the world is this vegatable?
  52. Soft long white, not crunchy at all. Maybe fish-like. Too soft.
  53. Oh man, those people over there are cooking their food. It's one of those places.
  54. Oh, but I don't have anything to cook. What luck.
  55. Americans eat too much, that's what I'm proving.
  56. No one spends 1300 yen on a meal over here. Lobster, whale don't cost that much.
  57. Where should I go?
  58. Stella is cool.
  59. I should go to that place. It's right by Stella.
  60. The lights crossing the street are slow. More time to look at pretty girls.
  61. I should go to Tsutaya. I think I'm ready to get a rental card.
  62. Yami no Matsuei, Kyou kara ...,
  63. koikoi7, Iria no sora UFO no...,
  64. Devilmanlady, Daydream, Tactics, PoT 45,
  65. Fractions of Earth, Generations of Chaos, Wings of Honeamise, Area 88,
  66. Sta- Ocean, Mezon -- Maisson Ikkoku, H2,
  67. Kyo, Salaryman, Gankutsuou, Gallery Fake,
  68. Sunaboo has awesome covers. Looks pretty sweet.
  69. Basilisk, Human Scramble,
  70. Dead Leaves maybe by the creator of Mind Game, YES!
  71. Popee, Bebop Highschool.
  72. If they catch me writing these names down, I could be in trouble.
  73. They probably have been watching me on video. James Bond, who cares?
  74. J-Pop. I can't say I like it, but it's terribly interesting.
  75. I should look to see what system they have. It must be card.
  76. Sony Walkman, 6GB. They'll never learn.
  77. Hooking their superior hardware to inferior software.
  78. If electronics is Japan's only industry, owch.
  79. Ah, they aren't busy. I'll ask them.
  80. Sumimase, Do you speak English. Not at all. OK.
  81. Sono member system wa...
  82. Yes, it is rental only, hai wakaru.
  83. Sono card wa. Dou shio...
  84. Ah, sou desu.
  85. Passport arimasu. ID, sou. Watashi no passport wa uchi de arimasu.
  86. Ashita kono card wa. Hai.
  87. Sono form arimasu.
  88. Name, phone, address. I got ya. Ashita kakimasu. Arigatou.
  89. I was able to understand their very basic questions.
  90. That exchange was excellent. Tomorrow I can bring my passport, fill out info.
  91. Then I can rent Anime. Lots of anime.
  92. Girls on bicycles.
  93. Onesan. Ojyousan. No, that'll get me slapped. Ojyousama, princess, that's it.
  94. Ojousan. Maybe shoujo.
  95. The key to my door is just a piece of metal that says I can go.
  96. It's the 23rd. Not the 26th. It's only... 22:30. Oh crap it's late.
  97. Fathers lock up your daughters.
  98. This is a great idea.
  99. I wish I would have thought of it. I did, didn't I?
  100. Is this 100 or is this 100. Either way.