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The remaining Clan, the " Lost Clan " of k ' Leshya, the Spirit Clan, seems to have been further sundered-some members and many Gryphons found their way to White Gryphon with the Gryphon Skandranon and the kestra ' chern Amberdrake.
Meanwhile most Gryphons, many humans, as well as many kyree, hertasi and dyheli seem to have ended up in what became Iftel, along with all tyrill and ratha, and were taken under the wings of the Sunlord of Karse, Vkandis, under the variation Vykaendys but still the Sunlord, who produced a barrier around Iftel to protect it.
It is suggested that Karse is to the Tayledras what Iftel is to the Shin ' a ' in-those of Karse prayed for a means to maintain their lands and heal them, to drive out the changed-things, and Vkandis gave them the ability to summon and control demons, to be able to most efficiently battle the monsters.
Conversely, the sundered people of Iftel prayed for protection, as a host of Ma ' ar's mercenaries had come upon them shortly after they arrived, and Vkandis to them known as Vykaendys, produced Iftel's renowned barrier, preventing all unwelcome or hostile passage.

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