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** and Earliest
** Earliest day on which Emancipation Day can fall, celebrated on the first Monday of August.
** Earliest day on which Feast of the Holy Family can fall, celebrated on Sunday after Christmas or 30 if Christmas falls on a Sunday.
** Earliest date for Yule in the northern hemisphere, and Midsummer in the southern hemisphere.
** Earliest day on which Day of the Finnish Flag can fall, while June 26 is the latest ; celebrated on Saturday of Midsummer's Day ( Finland )
** Earliest day on which Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary can fall, while July 3 is the latest ; celebrated 20 days after Pentecost.
** Earliest day on which Corpus Christi can fall, while June 24 is the latest ; held on Thursday after Trinity Sunday.
** Seeds in the Heart: Japanese Literature from the Earliest Times to the Late Sixteenth Century, Columbia University Press © 1993 reprinted 1999 ISBN 0-231-11441-9

** and day
** Feast day of the Assumption of Mary, one of the Catholic holy days of obligation.
** The first day of Las Posadas ( Mexico, other Latin Americans )
** The first day of Simbang Gabi ( Philippines )
** Aðfangadagskvöld, the day when the 13th and the last Yule Lad arrives to towns.
** Series one: an introductory special on boxing day 1967, followed by 13 regular episodes of 30 minutes broadcast between 26 December 1967 to 28 March 1968, Thursdays at 17: 25.
** A quarter day in the Christian calendar ( due to Candlemas ).
** Drongen Station: a regional train station in the village of Drongen with only a limited number of trains a day.
** Orach Chayim: " The Way of Life " worship and ritual observance in the home and synagogue, through the course of the day, the weekly sabbath and the festival cycle.
** Bank Holiday, if it is a Sunday, the day moves to January 3 ( Scotland )
** First day of Golowan Festival ( Cornwall )
** Last day of Drăgaica fair ( Buzău, Romania )
** In biblical times, the day following 29 Adar, Year 1 of the reign of ___, would be followed by 1 Nisan, Year 2 of the reign of ___.
** Der Tag wird kommen ( The day will come, Josephus and the Emperor ), 1942
** Dedication of the Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano, Cathedral of the Pope ( memorial feast day )
** Heribert of Cologne ( private feast day )
** Line producer, manages the budget and / or day to day running of a film production
** RSS News Feed: Get an entry from Leonardo's Journal delivered each day
** French Republican New Year, the first day (" Grape ") in the Month of Vendémiaire.

** and on
** Eunectes murinus, the green anaconda, the largest species, is found east of the Andes in Colombia, Venezuela, the Guianas, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and on the island of Trinidad.
** For every non-empty set S there is a binary operation defined on S that makes it a group.
** The Vitali theorem on the existence of non-measurable sets which states that there is a subset of the real numbers that is not Lebesgue measurable.
** See also Salmond on " Citizenship and Allegiance ," in the Law Quarterly Review ( July 1901, January 1902 ).
** This is, on the whole, an informed and good account of the life and accomplishments of one of the greatest influences on the development of thought both Eastern and Western.
** This is a distinguished work which stands out from, and above, many of the books and articles which have ben written in this century on Avicenna ( Ibn Sīnā ) ( A. D. 980 – 1037 ).
** Lughnasadh, traditionally begins on the eve of August 1.
** Cadius Rufus was executed on the charge of extortion.
** Various articles on Alcidamas ( 1856 – 1919, with links to further online material )
** Gordon-Reed, Annette speaking on CSPAN Booktv Andrew Johnson
** Khmer New Year, or Chol Chnam Thmey, most commonly celebrated on April 13 ( Cambodia )
** To use a long dash on Wikipedia, type in "".
** called a god on Malta ( 28: 6 )
** Ability to run on an IA-64 architecture processor, although this never went beyond beta
** Minimum level required for POWER4 hardware and the last release that worked on the Micro Channel architecture
** Ability to run in a Logical Partition on POWER4
** Ability to run on 64-bit architecture CPUs
** Run on RS / 6000 systems with PowerPC processors and PCI busses.
** Optional POKEY sound chip on cartridge for improved sounds.
** Headphone port ( stereo ; wired for mono on the original Lynx )

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