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** and Emilio
** Carlos Emilio Morales, Cuban jazz guitarist
** Emilio Diena, Italian stamp expert ( d. 1941 )
** Emilio Estefan, Cuban percussionist
** Emilio de ' Cavalieri, Italian composer ( d. 1602 )
** Emilio Segrè Visual Archives ( photos. aip. org: Ernest Lawrence Images )
** Emilio Largo, the main antagonist in the James Bond film Thunderball ( as well as the Ian Fleming novel of the same name.
** Javier Garza, John D. Thomas, Mike Couzzi, Ron Taylor, Scott Canto ( engineers ), Andrés Castro, Emilio Estefan, Jr., Sebastián Krys ( producers ) & Carlos Vives ( producer & artist ) for Déjame entrar
** Gustavo Alphonso Miranda ( engineer / mixer ), Manuel Herrera Maldonado ( producer ) & Emilio Navaira for Acuérdate
** Freddy Piñero Jr, Gustavo Celis, Javier Garza, Mauricio Guerrero, Scott Canto, Sebastián Krys ( engineers ), Emilio Estefan, George Noriega, Robert Blades ( producers ) & Gloria Estefan for Alma Caribeña
** Leone d ' Oro for Lifetime Achievement: Emilio Vedova ( Italy ), Agnes Martin ( USA )
** with Emilio Payá ( baritone ), Rosario Gomez ( mezzo-soprano ), Pablo Civil ( tenor ).
** Gustavo Alphonso Miranda ( engineer / mixer ), Manuel Herrera Maldonado ( producer ) & Emilio Navaira for Acuérdate
** III Brigata Nera " Emilio Picot " Aosta
** XXXV Brigata Nera " Don Emilio Spinelli " Arezzo
** XXXVII Brigata Nera " Emilio Tanzi " Pisa
** Emilio M. Garza ( born 1947 )
** Emilio Dandolo
** Emilio Sosa-Señor Discretion Himself-Arena Stage
** Emilio Pucci ( Naples 1914-Florence 1992 ), fashion designer and politician
** Emilio Achacoso
** Lyrics and Composition: Jennifer Batten, Alberto Emilio Contini, Giancarlo Pasquini
** Emilio Estevez-Maximum Overdrive

** and Aguinaldo
** Honasan reviews the situation and assesses the prepositioning of the troops from his office in GHQAFP Camp Aguinaldo

** and last
** Minimum level required for POWER4 hardware and the last release that worked on the Micro Channel architecture
** last version was 1. 3, 1992.
** last version was 2. 2. 1.
** The latest possible date for Easter Sunday, last in 1943.
** Tacitus on Claudius ' last years, book 12
** Commodore 128 ( or C128, CBM 128, or C = 128 ), a home / personal computer introduced in January 1985, the last 8-bit machine commercially released by Commodore Business Machines
** First name, last name
** First name, last name
** First name, last name
** Aðfangadagskvöld, the day when the 13th and the last Yule Lad arrives to towns.
** Nazarov was Dictator of the Don Republic ( which before, since its founding on 2 December 1917 at Novocherkassk, had been governed by a Triumvirate including the last pre-Soviet Ataman, Aleksei Maksimovich Kaledin ) from 11 February 1918 till 25 February 1918 when Bolshevik troops ended their existence
** At the last letter of a word, the vowel point reflects the inflection case or conjugation mood.
** Empire Earth: the last mission of the German campaign is to carry out Operation Sea Lion
** Part of the mission patch for STS-135, as it was the last mission of the Space Shuttle program.
** Parity flag in computing, indicates if the number of set bits is odd or even in the binary representation of the result of the last operation
Poor reception of the album both by the public and reviewers led the band to take out a page-sized ad in the local music press declaring " Why Don't You All Get Fu ** ed " ( title of one of their songs ) and they played their last performance on 8 June in Kalgoorlie.
** a third test prepared by each examining board based on the programmes of all the subjects of the last year of study
** Ukrainian journalist Georgiy Gongadze is last seen alive ; this day is taken as the commemoration date of his death.
** Elvis Presley holds his last concert at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis.
** The last natural smallpox case is discovered in Merca district, Somalia.
** The last two executions in The Netherlands take place.
** Western Australia becomes the last Australian state to abolish capital punishment.
** Shlomyah ben Pinhas, Samaritan High Priest ; last of the Phineas bloodline
** British battleship HMS Britannia is sunk by German submarine U-50 off Trafalgar with the loss of around fifty lives, the last major naval engagement of WWI.

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