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** and Ethiopian
** Ethiopian eunuch ( 8: 26 – 39 )
** Abeluzius ( Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church )
** Timkat, or 20 during Leap Year ( Ethiopian Orthodox )
** Ethiopian Civil War ( 1976 – 1991 )
** War in Somalia ( 2006 – 2009 ) – involved largely Ethiopian and Somali Transitional Federal Government ( TFG ) forces whom fought against the Somali Islamist umbrella group, the Islamic Court Union ( ICU ), and other affiliated militias for control of the country.
** Haile Gerima, Ethiopian filmmaker
** Gete Wami, Ethiopian long-distance runner
** Eritrean War of Independence – Battle of Afabet: The Nadew Command, an Ethiopian army corps in Eritrea, is attacked on 3 sides by military units of the Eritrean People's Liberation Front ( EPLF ).
** Derartu Tulu, Ethiopian long-distance runner
** Mulugeta Yeggazu, Ethiopian government official and military leader
** Mengistu Haile Mariam, president of the People's Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, flees Ethiopia, effectively bringing the Ethiopian Civil War to an end.
** In Ethiopia, the Eritrean Liberation Front kills an Ethiopian general.
** Somalia mobilizes its troops, due to an apparent Ethiopian attack.
** Abebe Bikila, Ethiopian long-distance runner ( d. 1973 )
** Marye of Yejju, Ethiopian Ras
** Sabagadis, Ethiopian warlord
** Ethiopian montane grasslands and woodlands ( Ethiopia )
** Genfo is a thick porridge made by lightly roasting, milling and cooking any combination of Ethiopian oats wheat, barley, sorghum, millet, maize, chickpeas, yellow peas, soybeans or bulla, the starch from the root of the false banana tree ; it is traditionally eaten for breakfast with a dollop of clarified, spiced butter ( kibe ) or oil and chili-spice mix berbere, or with yoghurt.
** Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia was an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian, and did not consider himself divine, but the Rastafari movement in Jamaica saw him as the second coming of Christ.
** Mengistu Lemma, Ethiopian playwright ( died 1988 )
** Nega Mezlekia, Ethiopian writer
** AT1007 Ethiopian montane grasslands and woodlands
** AT1008 Ethiopian montane moorlands
** 1543 – Battle of Wayna Daga – A combined army of Ethiopian and Portuguese troops defeated a Muslim army led by Ahmed Gragn.

** and Airlines
** Republic Airlines, a regional air carrier affiliated with US Airways
** Republic Airlines ( 1979-1986 ), a defunct airline purchased by Northwest Airlines that ceased operating in 1986
** SAS or Scandinavian Airlines, an airline company in Denmark, Norway and Sweden
** SAS or Scandinavian Airlines, an airline company in Denmark, Norway and Sweden
** Alaska Airlines Flight 261 crashes off the California coast into the Pacific Ocean, killing 88.
** Malaysia Airlines Flight 653 is hijacked and crashes in Tanjung Kupang, Johor, Malaysia, killing all 100 passengers and crew on board.
** Asiana Airlines Flight 733 crashes into Mt.
** Albert Guay affair: A dynamite bomb destroys Canadian Pacific Airlines Douglas DC-3 in Quebec.
** At Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Northwest Airlines Flight 1482 ( a McDonnell Douglas DC-9 ) collides with Northwest Airlines Flight 299 ( a Boeing 727 ) on the runway, killing 8 passengers and 4 crewmembers on Flight 1482.
** A Unabomber bomb injures United Airlines president Percy Wood in Lake Forest, Illinois.
** Trans-Canada Airlines Flight 831, a Douglas DC-8 carrying 118, crashes into a wooded hillside after taking-off from Dorval International Airport near Montreal, killing all on board ( the worst air disaster for many years in Canada's history ).
** American Airlines Flight 320, a Lockheed L-188 Electra heading from Chicago to New York City, crashes into the East River, killing 65 of the 73 people on board.
** New York air disaster: a United Airlines DC-8 collides in mid-air with a TWA Lockheed Constellation over Staten Island in New York City.
** In the People's Republic of China, a China Southern Airlines domestic flight crashes, killing all 141 people on board.
** An Iberian Airlines passenger plane crashes into a 250-meter peak on the island of Ibiza ; 104 are killed.
** United Airlines Boeing 737 from Washington National to Chicago Midway crashes short of the runway, killing 43 of 61 passengers and 2 people on the ground.
** The first revenue flight for Belgium's SABENA Airlines takes place.
** Canadian Pacific Airlines Flight 402 crashes while landing at Tokyo International Airport in Japan, killing 64 of 72 persons on board.
** Braniff Airlines Flight 250 crashes in Falls City, Nebraska, killing all 42 on board.
** A USAir Boeing 737-300, Flight 1493 collides with a SkyWest Airlines Fairchild Metroliner, Flight 5569 at Los Angeles International Airport, killing 34.
** United Airlines Flight 585 crashes in Colorado Springs, Colorado, killing all 25 people on board.
** An American Airlines Boeing 707 crashes on takeoff at New York International Airport, after a rudder malfunction causes an uncontrolled roll, resulting in the loss of control of the aircraft, with the loss of all life on board.

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