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** and International
** Workers Memorial Day ( International )
** World Day for Safety and Health at Work ( International )
** International Air Transport Association for Baker Army Air Field ( abandoned ), Baker Island, United States Minor Outlying Islands
** Obadiah, from the United Church of God, an International Association Bible Reading Program-This Hebrew scholar provides extensive background information as well as verse-by-verse exposition
** BibleGateway. com ( New International Version )
** Bangor International Airport
** bmi baby, a defunct low-cost airline, subsidiary of British Midland International
** bmi regional, a regional airline, subsidiary of British Midland International
** Commodore Amiga, a family of personal computers introduced to the market in 1985 after Commodore International purchased the original developers, Amiga Corporation
** Commodore 64 ( or C64 or C = 64 ), an 8-bit home computer released by Commodore International in August 1982, the single best-selling personal computer model of all-time
** Commodore Gaming, a 2007 rebirth of Commodore International that manufactures gaming-oriented PCs
** Commodore International Corporation, a Netherlands-based company that bought all the global rights, patents and assets to the Commodore brand in 2005
** Client: Nike International
** Darwin International Airport
** – colon, used in the International Phonetic Alphabet to mark long vowels.
** Special matches between teams adjudged first-class by the Board ( s ) of cricket concerned, with the approval of the International Cricket Council
** Certifications: Chartered Financial Analyst ( CFA ), Certified Treasury Professional ( CTP ), Certified Valuation Analyst ( CVA ), Certified International Investment Analyst ( CIIA ), Financial Risk Manager ( FRM ), Association of Corporate Treasurers ( ACT ), Certified Market Analyst ( CMA / FAD ) Dual Designation, Corporate Finance Qualification ( CF ), Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst ( CAIA )
** Moscow International Film Festival Grand Prize
** Moscow International Film Festival Grand Prize
** International dollars ( purchasing power parity method ) $ 24. 69 billion ( 2007 est.
** Hong Kong International Airport
** Examples may include: Holiday Inn Club Vacations, Marriott Vacation Club International, Westgate Resorts, Starwood Vacation Ownership, and Disney Vacation Club
** Codex Alimentarius Recommended International Code of Practice Code for Radiation Processing of Foods ( CAC / RCP 19-1979, rev. 2 – 2003 )

** and Mother
** Mother Superior in The Romance of the Forest – Adeline fled from this convent because the sisters weren ’ t allowed to see sunlight.
** " Shiv and the Grasshopper ( The Song That Toomai's Mother Sang to the Baby )" ( poem )
** India's Missionaries of Charity chooses Sister Nirmala to succeed Mother Teresa as its leader.
** Mother Teresa, Albanian missionary and humanitarian, dies ( b. 1910 )
** Sri Aurobindo retires, leaving The Mother to run the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India.
** Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini becomes the first American saint to be canonized.
** The Albanian missionary sister Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, later known as Mother Teresa, arrives in Calcutta from Ireland to begin her work among India's poorest and sickest.
** Mother Frances Hospital opens in Tyler, Texas in response to the New London School explosion.
** Fatima Jinnah, Pakistani ' Mother of the Nation ' ( b. 1893 )
** Mother Angelica, American founder of the Eternal Word Television Network ( EWTN )
** Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, Mother of Queen Victoria ( d. 1861 )
** an adherent of Gaianism — an Earth-centered ( sometimes referred to as neo-Pagan ) spiritual inclination with diverse and evolving religious expression whose central reference is Gaia as personification of the Earth as Mother to all life upon the planet.
** How I Met Your Mother ( 2005 – present ): Specifically, the framing sequences with the 52-year-old Ted.
** Ranginui, the Sky Father, and Papatuanuku, the Earth Mother in Māori mythology
** Mother Goose Goes Hollywood-Walt Disney Productions, RKO Radio-Walt Disney
** The Truth About Mother Goose-Walt Disney Productions ,, Buena Vista Distribution-Walt Disney
** The Tales of Mother Goose by Charles Perrault translated by Charles Welsh
** The Real Mother Goose illustrated by Blanche Fisher Wright
** The Only True Mother Goose Melodies ( Anonymous )
** Mother Goose in Prose by L. Frank Baum
** Mother of Peneleos by Hippalcimus
** Mother Earth ( Within Temptation song ), the title track from said album
** Sari's Mother
** Three " Mother " Letters ( אמש )

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