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** and Japanese
** Chinese character, a written language symbol ( sinogram ) used in Chinese, Japanese, and other languages
** Japanese input methods
** The Tale of the Heike ( Japanese epic war tale )
** Daigo Fuyumoto ( 1648-1697 ), Japanese court noble who founded the family branch
** Shoot boxing – A Japanese form of kickboxing which allows throwing and submission while standing, similar to Sanda.
** Japanese sound symbolism
** Used in place of ん in Japanese typing shorthand.
** Japanese Quail, Coturnix japonica
** These benthic and limnetic species even display their mating preferences when presented with sticklebacks from Japanese lakes ; that is, a Canadian benthic prefers a Japanese benthic over its close limnetic cousin from its own lake.
** Yamaha Motor Company, a Japanese motorized vehicle-producing company
** Yamaha Pro Audio, a Japanese company specializing in products for the professional audio market
** Mayumi Iizuka, Japanese voice actress ( seiyū )
** Norifumi Yamamoto, Japanese mixed martial artist
** Misaki Ito, Japanese actress
** Angela Aki, Japanese singer-songwriter
** Kanai Mika, Japanese seiyu
** Minami Takayama, Japanese voice actress and singer ( Two-Mix & DoCo )
** Boshiro Hosogaya, Japanese admiral ( b. 1888 )
** Iwamoto Kaoru, Japanese professional Go player ( b. 1902 )
** Karina, Japanese model and actress
** Ai Iwamura, Japanese actress
** Nomura Yuka, Japanese actress
** Keiichiro Koyama, Japanese singer ( NEWS ) and actor

** and tissue
** In a process that can take weeks to months, saline solution is injected to progressively expand the overlaying tissue.
** The latissimus dorsi muscle flap is the donor tissue available on the back.
** Primitive node is the organizer tissue for gastrulation in vertebrates.
** Facial tissue, a type of thin, soft, disposable paper used for nose-blowing
** Wrapping tissue
** Reduction mammoplasty (" breast reduction "): removal of skin and glandular tissue, which is done to reduce back and shoulder pain in women with gigantomastia and / or for psychological benefit men with gynecomastia
** Erythema nodosum, which is a panniculitis, or inflammation of subcutaneous tissue involving the lower extremities
** Magnetic resonance elastography ( MRE ), an MRI technique to measure tissue stiffness
** Minor enzymes include salivary acid phosphatases A + B, N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase, NAD ( P ) H dehydrogenase ( quinone ), superoxide dismutase, glutathione transferase, class 3 aldehyde dehydrogenase, glucose-6-phosphate isomerase, and tissue kallikrein ( function unknown ).
** A documented episode of arterial, venous, or small vessel thrombosis — other than superficial venous thrombosis — in any tissue or organ by objective validated criteria with no significant evidence of inflammation in the vessel wall, and / or
** A malformation is associated with a disorder of tissue development.
** A dysplasia is a disorder at the organ level that is due to problems with tissue development.
** A deformation is a condition arising from mechanical stress to normal tissue.
** Loss of lung tissue following trauma or surgery
** The photosensitizer should not be harmful to the target tissue until the treatment beam is applied.
** Measure tissue volumes
** Stroma of ovary, a soft tissue, well supplied with blood, consisting of spindle-shaped cells with a small amount of connective tissue
** Extensive tumor involvement of renal sinus soft tissue.
** Anterior vitrectomy is the removal of the front portion of vitreous tissue.
** Retinal cryopexy, or retinal cryotherapy, is a procedure that uses intense cold to induce a chorioretinal scar and to destroy retinal or choroidal tissue.
** A canthectomy is the surgical removal of tissue at the junction of the upper and lower eyelids.
** γ2-expressed mainly in adipose tissue ( 30 amino acids longer )
** γ3-expressed in macrophages, large intestine, white adipose tissue.

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