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Some Related Sentences

** and closed
** The Baire category theorem about complete metric spaces, and its consequences, such as the open mapping theorem and the closed graph theorem.
** in a closed consensus process: Restricted membership and often having formal procedures for due-process among voting members
** Fundamental groups of closed orientable two-dimensional manifolds.
** The closed flute family, in which the musical instrument has a channel to form and direct the air stream over an edge.
** The U. S. Senate Committee on Armed Services and U. S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations begins its closed door hearings into the dismissal of General Douglas MacArthur by U. S. President Harry S Truman.
** The Panama Canal is closed for a couple of weeks due to damage caused by earthquakes.
** Martial law is declared in Madrid, the University is closed and over 300 students are arrested.
** Adolf Hitler marries his longtime mistress Eva Braun in a closed civil ceremony in the Berlin Führerbunker.
** French President Charles De Gaulle states that French troops will be taken out of NATO and that all French NATO bases and HQ's must be closed within a year.
** is closed under complements: if A ∈, then also ( Ω ∖ A )∈,
** is closed under countable unions: if A < sub > i </ sub >∈ for i = 1, 2 ,…, then also (∪< sub > i </ sub > A < sub > i </ sub >)∈
** Birmingham Airport, UK ( opened 1984, closed 1995 )
** M-Bahn in Berlin, Germany ( opened in 1989, closed in 1991 )
** I went to the basketball court ; I was told it was closed for cleaning.
** Self-interested closed cliques and " old boy networks ".
** A snatch-block can be closed around a line, to grab the line, rather than threading the end of the line through the block.
** Old University of Louvain, a university founded in Leuven, Brabant, in 1425 and closed in 1797
** Orlando Air Force Base, now closed
** Hillsdale Elementary ( grades K-5 ) ( closed )
** Northwestern College, closed 1932
** Park Region Luther College, closed 1932
** Hudgens, open until recently, has been condemned for destruction and closed
** The Round, Newcastle upon Tyne ( closed 2008 )
** 08: 48: 40 UTC: Hatch on the airlock is closed and secured by Leonov.

** and unit
** ComLynx ( multiple unit communications, serial )
** Character ( computing ), a unit of information roughly corresponding to a grapheme
** Heterogeneous aggregate data types () allow related data elements to be accessed, for example assigned, as a unit.
** Mine Exploder T10: Remote control unit designed to be controlled by the following tank.
** Arithmetic logic unit ( ALU )-The ALU executes all arithmetic and logic instructions, and provides the results in binary coded form.
** Decoder unit-converts binary code into " decimal " numbers which can be displayed on the display unit.
** Gene, a unit of heredity in the genome of an organism
** For ohm – SI unit of electrical resistance ; formerly also used upside down () to represent mho, the old name for the inverse of an ohm ( now siemens with symbol S ) used for electrical conductance.
** Much faster floating point unit.
** The Voice – Speech synthesis unit, compatible with G7000
** Statistical unit, a single data point, or collection of data points grouped as a single entity, on which statistical analysis is performed
** Memory management unit
** Warsaw surrenders to Germany ; Modlin surrenders a day later ; the last Polish large operational unit surrenders near Kock 8 days later.
** The only flight of the German ramming unit known as the Sonderkommando Elbe takes place, resulting in the loss of some 24 B-17s and B-24s of the United States Eighth Air Force.
** WWII: The First Sisak Partisan Brigade, the first anti-fascist armed unit in occupied Europe, is founded by partisans near Sisak, Croatia.
** The first official large unit action of the Vietnam War took place when two companies of the ARVN 23d Division were ambushed by a well-organized Vietcong force of several hundred identified as the " 2d Liberation Battalion ".
** The United States officially begins using the international unit of the nautical mile, equal to 6, 076. 11549 ft. or 1, 852 meters.
** M551A1 TTS-Tank Thermal Sight, fitted with the AN / VSG-2B thermal sight unit, similar to the unit used on the M60A3 MBT.
** Channel service unit
** Data service unit
** The marginal rate of substitution tells how much ' y ' a person is willing to sacrifice to get one more unit of ' x '.
** Point ( tennis ), the smallest unit of scoring in tennis
** Apartment-An individual unit in a multi-unit building.

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