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** and Thousands
** Thousands storm the Stasi headquarters in East Berlin in an attempt to view their government records.
** Thousands riot in Algiers, Algeria against the National Liberation Front government ; by October 10 the army has killed and tortured about 500 people in crushing the riots.
** The Adverts-Cast of Thousands

** and African
** Atlas Cheetah, a fighter aircraft of the South African Air Force
** Atlas Carver, a South African military jet development project that was cancelled in the 1990s
** Afonso V, The African 1438-1481
** Family Asfarviridae-includes African swine fever virus
** South African Airways Provincial Challenges ( 16 provincial teams and Namibia )
** African Mathematical Union ( AMU )
** Heads of state of the Central African Republic ( and Central African Empire )
** Heads of government of the Central African Republic ( and Central African Empire )
** S. c. camelus, North African Ostrich, or Red-necked Ostrich, North Africa.
** 434, 427 in the Southern African region
** Bureau of African Affairs
** Portuguese Colonial War ( 1961 – 1974 ) – the war was fought between Portugal's military and the emerging nationalist movements in Portugal's African colonies.
** Jean-Bédel Bokassa, president of the Central African Republic, crowns himself Emperor.
** Victor Matfield, South African rugby player
** Buster Nupen, South African cricketer ( b. 1902 )
** The predominantly Arab government of Zanzibar is overthrown by African nationalist rebels ; a U. S. destroyer evacuates 61 U. S. citizens.
** African Development Bank ( AfDB ) founded.
** Lucky Dube, South African reggae musician ( d. 2007 )
** Charlie Llewellyn, first non-white South African Test cricketer ( b. 1876 )
** White supremacist John William King is found guilty of kidnapping and killing African American James Byrd Jr. by dragging him behind a truck for 2 miles ( 3 km ).
** Emmett Ashford becomes the first African American umpire in organized baseball, by being authorized to be a substitute umpire in the Southwestern International League.
** Natalie du Toit, South African swimmer
** Charl Schwartzel, South African golfer

** and Americans
** Spanish Americans and early modern Spanish cuisine, as well as Basque-Americans and Basque cuisine.
** French Americans and their " New World " regional identities such as:
** The first day of Las Posadas ( Mexico, other Latin Americans )
** Native Americans in the United States
** June 1996 on Asian Americans as " the new Jews.
** Stephen Earl Bennett ; " Americans ' Exposure to Political Talk Radio and Their Knowledge of Public Affairs " in Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, Vol.
** The Hoover Institution releases an optimistic report that global warming will probably reduce mortality in the United States and provide Americans with valuable benefits.
** Alabama Governor George C. Wallace stands in the door of the University of Alabama to protest against integration, before stepping aside and allowing African Americans James Hood and Vivian Malone to enroll.
** Vietnam War – Operation Ivory Coast: A joint Air Force and Army team raids the Son Tay prison camp in an attempt to free American POWs thought to be held there ( no Americans are killed, but the prisoners have already moved to another camp ; all U. S. POWs are moved to a handful of central prison complexes as a result of this raid ).
** The Harris Poll claims that 60 % of Americans are against the Vietnam War.
** Four hundred students seize the administration building at Cheyney State College, now Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, the oldest institute for higher education for African Americans.
** Vietnam War: Prime Minister of Australia Robert Menzies announces that the country will substantially increase its number of troops in South Vietnam, supposedly at the request of the Saigon government ( it is later revealed that Menzies had asked the leadership in Saigon to send the request at the behest of the Americans ).
** President Bush orders 1, 900 U. S. troops to Panama to protect Americans there.
** War of 1812 – Battle of Lundy's Lane: Reinforcements arrive near Niagara Falls, Ontario for General Riall's British and Canadian force, and a bloody, all-night battle with Jacob Brown's Americans commences at 1800 hours ; Americans retreat to Fort Erie.
In the US, magazines and newspapers often do not use it, instead printing " family-friendly " censored versions, usually " n * gg * r ", " n ** ger ", " n ——", and " the N-word "; however, historians and social activists, such as Dick Gregory, criticize the euphemisms and their usage as intellectually dishonest, because using the euphemism " the N-word " instead of nigger robs younger generations of Americans of the full history of Black people in America.
** Native Americans in the American Civil War
** Treaty of Hopewell, three treaties between the United States and Native Americans, signed at the South Carolina plantation
** White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders ( AAPI )
** White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans
** Special correspondent to the NBC Today Show, with regular " From the Heart " segments that profile inspiring Americans who make extraordinary contributions to others despite formidable personal obstacles.
** Military history of African Americans
** Military history of Asian Americans
** Military history of Hispanic and Latino Americans

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